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Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . Maximizing Your SEO on Google

SEO stands for search engine optimization.  If you have a website or blog, knowing a little bit about SEO will be a benefit in aiding of the design and content for your site.  Google is a top indexer on the web at this time.  Here are a few things to know:


Each time someone does a web search, the search engine, such as Google will pull up the most relevant information to match that search.  Here is how Google indexes for the web.

Google has little spiders or bots, they call them Googlebots.  These Googlebots crawl out on the web, over billions of pages. They use an algorithm process to determine which sites to crawl too.  When they discover new or updated pages, it will look for links on the pages and add them to the list of pages to crawl on Google’s  Sitemap.

Google does have tools such as AdWords but it will not use that to find pages.  All this searching is used to update the Google index.

After finding your page, Google will index it.  This is a process which will put every word on your page and its location in an index. Keywords and key content tags like Title tags will rank higher in the indexing process.

Google uses over 200 attributes when a search inquiry is made. One of the most important attribute is Page Rank.  Page Rank shows the relevancy of your page to Google.  The way to increase your page ranking is to have links from other websites link back to your site.   Google does not rate all links as equal and Google is good at identifying spam and other negative practices so they give  searchers  the best results possible.

One of the way Google does this is with the Google Autocomplete is a tool  that helps searchers save time by doing several things.  It will automatically correct misspelled words, save past poplar search inquiries and will display common terms relevent to the search. Why is this important to you ?

Google’s web crawlers or Googlebots use the keywords generated by the Autocomplete features. If your page ranks high, it is because the Google algorithm determined your content relates to their keyword in a more relevant way than other sites.  This is a good thing, a very good thing to achieve.

There are many things you can do to improve your chances of ranking higher and being indexed by Google.  Here are just a few to note.

1. When  your website is ready, you can submit a site map go Google.  Why do this ?

A site map will help Google know all your pages and URLs on your site which might not be uncovered by Google in the regular web crawl process. This is particular helpful if your site is new.  It will allow Google to rank you much faster.

2. Make sure your content is of quality information.  It should be clear, useful and accurate.  Double check for grammar errors and misspellings.

3. Check for broken links.  Google doesn’t like that.  Remember, some links can go bad, so plan a quick weekly review of site links.

4. Chart out your site so it makes sense in a hierarchy. If you use dynamic pages, do not use to many.  Search engines like static pages better.

5. Test your site in different browsers  to make sure it works the same in every browser.

6. Make sure your site load time is optimal.  Google will not show you in search results if your pages take too much time to load.

7.  Use Google’s robots.txt to make sure advertisements are not affecting search engine rankings.

8. Avoid tricks to try to boost ranking.  Be yourself on your website, this is the best way to show your value and it is an honest way to have useful and engaging content.

Knowing a little SEO can go a long way in assisting your web efforts.

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Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . 10 Random Google Tips

 Google is the most widely used Search Engine in web searches.  So knowing a little more about Google can’t hurt, right?  Did you know Google uses over 200 factors to index pages and content ?  I’m not sure what all the 200 factors are but some important ones to be aware of when thinking about SEO for your business website are:

1. the site quality       2. the freshness of the content        3.  is the site safe to search

Here are 10 random Google things you might want to investigate further if they suit what you are trying to do with Google:

1. Google indexes content by following links from one page to another page, then sorts by their content by the “200 other factors”.  That’s why it’s important to have good links.

2. Did you know you can unsend emails with Google?  Goto your Google account and under the gear, select Settings, then select Labs, scroll down to UndoSend and select ‘Enable’.  Now every time you send an email, Google will give you the option in a TEN SECOND window to undo the sent link. But remember, it’s TEN seconds, so think fast.

3. Did you know you can see all of a documents revisions at once by using Google drive?  Goto your drive.google.com account, click Create, select Document and click on File, then select Revision History to see all the revisions made to your document.  Click on a time stamp to restore a particular version of the document.

4. You can collaborate and edit a project with others at the same time using drive.google.com.  Goto your account and click Create. Select Presentation, Share and Invite People.  Add your team members email addresses in the Invite People Box and click Share & Save and multiple people can work on the project at the same time!

5. Do you want to see what pages Google has indexed under your website ? Go to the Google web browser and type in

:< your site name> and Google will display what it has indexed.  Nice tip from Ian Cleary at Razor social !

6.  Always add descriptive Meta Tags to your pages so Google can use your site description if your text matches users searches.

7. Make sure your page titles are short and informative.  Google only uses up to a certain number of characters so your title will get cut off if it is too long.

8.  When adding Meta Tags remember Google might use snippets from your Meta Tags.  A snippet is text displayed beneath the title of corresponding web page in the search result pages of a search engine.

9. Improve the search engine’s accessibility to your site by avoiding complex navigation of links by linking every page to every other page on the site.  Also avoid page navigation which solely uses drop down menus, images or animation.

10. Use Google AdWords’s Keyword Tool to help you use variations of keywords for compelling content.

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Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . How is your SEO ?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what you need in order to make your Posts stand out to search engines like Google.  Almost 70% of all searches are done through Google advises social media site Razor Social.  You need to optimize your content so that the Search Engine spiders can find your blog on this vast internet.

One of the most important SEO practice is to make sure your content is linkable.  If it is the best advice or most complete information out there on a particular topic, if it’s not linkable, it’s sinkable. Search Engines will not rank the content if it is cannot be linked and your site will not get the traffic it could be getting.  If possible, try to link your content back to your category page and your homepage.

Make sure all your content can be shared !  Have all the social share buttons you can add, like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Google + to name a few must haves.

For good SEO have a URL that reflects the content in the title.  If you are selling a product, and post helpful content using that product have some name recognition in the title. For example, your store sells Fly fishing equipment, a good URL might be http://www.myfishstore.com/flyfishing/The-best-spots-to-fly-fish/(NOTE – Fake URL).  Try not to  use a bunch of numbers or abrivated words in your title.  The more the reader can understand, the better your chance your post will be viewed.

Do you always Tag your posts ?  This is another important ways to make your content stand out.  Using the previous example, you may want to Tag that post with Fly fishing, outdoor sports, fishing, fresh water fishing, water sports, sport fishing.  Make sure your terms are broad enough so when a search is done, you will come up in the search parameters.  If your product is so unique and rare then you can narrow the search Tags.  Tags are usually an option near the end of your post before you publish and will be viewable to the public at the end of your post.

Try not to load up your page with too many images.  If you do have images, make sure they are in a form that is most optimal for the platform you are using.  If your site or post takes too long to load, viewers will loose interest fast and go onto another site for their information.

Use Keywords in your post title and through out your post but do not litter it with Keywords.  This will turn the search engines off and most likely you will loose content ranking for the post.

Finally for this Tip of the Day, is your content useful?  Does it fill a need ? Is it a subject people are interested in?  The best content solves problems or helps the consumer in some way.

Not to change the subject, but I can’t believe the World Cup is over until another 4 years ! Congrats to Germany and to all the teams ! It was an exciting couple of weeks watching all these countries compete.

Germany's Bastian Schweinsteiger celebrates with the trophy after the World Cup final soccer match between Germany and Argentina at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sunday, July 13, 2014. Germany won the match 1-0.   (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

Remember your SEO when you write to successfully have your material shared on Social Media !

Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . Using Social Media for your Business

Let me guess, you have heard of Facebook and Twitter and maybe even Pinterest. Which social media platforms are you going to get the most out of for your particular business and are you using these platforms in the right way ?

Most social media platforms you have heard of are free but you need to invest your time into them to get results. In order to be succeed with social media, you must be organized, have a clear focus on what you want to say and respond to your community. Here are 10 top tips to get you started.

1. List all your social media accounts and develop a posting calendar so all accounts are kept up to date with no large gaps in time between posting to any of your accounts.

2. When sharing content, make it useful so visitors will want to share with others. Make sure you have social share buttons on all websites and blogs so the content can be easily shared.

3. Respond to all feedback, both positive and negative. Be respectful and if the feedback is negative, this could be a potential moment to learn or gain a new customer by engaging with them.

4. Follow what your industry influencers are sharing and comment on their blogs or pages.

5. Try different social media platforms besides the big 3. Tumblr,Vine and Instagram have gained popularity and the sharing influence of these tools could have enormous potential for your products.

6. Follow back your followers, share or retweet their content which is relevant to what your focus is.

7. Be transparent by showing who you are. Feature team members, showcase a product and a story on how you make that product.

8. Keep your message simple and build trust with followers by being consistent in the message you want to deliver.

9. Remember to use Keywords for SEO. Put a Keyword in your title and remember to check any links in your posts. Broken links make it harder for a search engine to index you.

10. Social Media is not for the hard sell. Leave that job to your sales people. Social Media is way for your business to be part of a community in a useful way by being social and sharing knowledge.

Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . SEO Optimization Tips for a WordPress Blog

Everyone wants SEO optimization of course but how do you get your blog to be noticed by Google’s little spiders ?  Google isn’t the only search engine out there to optimize for but it is the most used. There are a few things to know about SEO and Google.

 – When someone starts a search, they type in a few key words.  Google then checks its index and displays the first 10 sites with that topic.  

 – Google is constantly changing its algorithms so you can’t figure out how the spiders decide what to index but there are a few things that can help you with your SEO optimization with Google.

 – Spiders like to crawl so make sure your site doesn’t have any broken links which will make it more difficult to index.  Check your links on a regular basis to make sure your links are working correctly.  Things happen and links that may have worked at one time could need an update.

 – Your site title should have Keywords in it that relate to what you are trying to do.  A Keyword is a word that could make a match in the Google Search Engine database and make your chances to come up higher in a search greater.

 – Spelling and grammar need to be correct and free of typos.  Before you publish, check, re-check and then check again before you hit that button.  It may take a little more time but it could help your SEO if you correct an error before it hits the internet.

 – Google looks for pages that are helpful and interesting.  They do this by recording how long a visitor stays on your page and how many pages of the site they actually visit and if they share your content on other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

 – Be specific when writing your post.  The more you can narrow down what you are trying to write about the easier it will be to optimize.  For example, if you are selling baby clothes and you want your website to come up in a Google search, that is a very broad search term and your chances of coming up in the search will be next to impossible unless you are a known name brand.  Try narrowing it down from ‘baby clothes’ to ‘the Designer name, size 7 pink dresses.  This will help you come up higher in searches  using Keywords.

Mastering SEO is a way you can help your business site attract more of the customer base you need in order to succeed!  Don’t forget your Google analytics.  Check out your stats to see what is working for you.  It’s free, all you need to do is activate a Google account to get your Google stats.  

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Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . How to Write a Better Blog Post

Writing that post that goes viral is not as easy to do as one may think.  There are many factors for SEO and catchy content which help the shares of a post go up.  Here are few ideas to help write a better blog post.

  • BostonSkyline


    Your Headline is the first thing people see.  The first 55 characters are the most important for SEO. The first 3 words  are often the deciding point for the reader if they are going to continue reading on so make those count.  Making the heading in a question form helps with search results.  Numbers are also a eye grabbing element for readers.  The old “How to” can be a good way to get searchable results. A good headline includes a keyword and a promise to the reader.  

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