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10 Free Tools Every Business Needs to Measure Social Media Strategy

photo of to do listLet’s set up your FREE Social Media Strategy Toolkit!

All this talk about Social Media Strategy, how do you define it?

Social media strategy can be defined as having the knowledge of designing everything you do on-line, with an understanding of your target audience, the marketplace and your business goals.

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First Up, SEO Tools – An important social media strategy is making your website SEO friendly. SEO is search engine optimization. This is how websites are discovered. Viewers type keywords into their web browser to find the product or service they need and your site will show up if you have SEO.


1. Serposcope – This open-source tool from serphacker.com is a rank tracker to monitor your site and it’s Google ranking. Features –

  •  Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.10.43 PMEasy 1 click download
  • Track any Keywords from any website (even competitors)
  • Do specific searches – local or by country
  • Monitor keywords for your clients
  • Captcha support
  • Install on Windows, Mac, Ubuntu


2. Spiderlog – discover how Google webbots crawl your site. Features-

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.12.27 PM

  • Daily reports, find out how many site pages are crawled each day
  • Remover bad links and invalid pages
  • Discover crawling error rates
  •  URL traffic stats
  • Page Speed
  • List of bots that crawl your site


3. YOAST is a plug-in for WordPress sites, features –Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.18.56 PMCorrect canonical errors

  • Optimize post titles, page titles
  • Optimize Videos
  • Custom taxonomy
  • Clean up permalink
  • Xml sitemaps
  • RSS feeds


4. Google Keyword Planner – this is a free Google tool if you use Google AdWords. The Keyword Planner can give you site stats and traffic forecasts, search by phrases, websites or categories, make keyword lists and much more.
Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.18.45 PM


5. Keyword Tool is an alternative to the Google Keyword Planner.  Features –
Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.26.55 PM

  • Generates long tail keywords
  • Uses multiple languages
  • Do international searches for SEO & content creation


After starting off with good SEO, you will want to have a plan to deploy your social media strategy. A good start is having an editorial calendar and a social media calendar.  You can make up your own or use calendar tools that have complete dashboards.

Your calendars may look something like this-

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 1.05.55 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.56.54 PM


6. You can also use Google Docs or download free templates from Hubspot.  If you have a WordPress website, their plugin called The Events Calendar

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.40.08 PM

Event Calendar has tons of helpful tools, template tags, hooks and filters to customize your calendar. Includes –

  • Calendar month view, day view, list view
  • Event searcher
  • Class Schedules
  • Google maps
  • Promote events
  • Mobile responsive
  • Customize the calendar with add-ons to track ticket sales, manage attendees, import events from Facebook, have users submit new events, and much more.



How do you measure social media success?



After SEO and Calendars come the analytics of it all – knowing the stats is how you measure success on social media.  Before you buy expensive analytic plans, always check out the social media platform you are using.  Most of them have their own FREE analytic dashboard which is usually a highly comprehensive tool that will serve your social media analytic needs.

Let’s start with Twitter –

7. Twitter Analytics will define who your Twitter followers are and the level of engagement you are achieving on Twitter.

  • Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.56.16 PMFind Out Your Top tweets Impressions
  • Engagement Rates
  • Link Clicks
  • Retweets
  • Likes
  • Replies
  • Comprehensive Audience Stats
  • Conversion tracking


 Audience Demographics including consumer behavior, lifestyle and mobile engagementScreen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.57.30 PM


8. Google Analytics is an extremely broad dashboard with conversion rates, bouce rates, complete audience demographics, mobile conversion rates and just about everything you can think of for analytics.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 1.29.04 PM



9. Headline Analyzer from www.aminstitute.com will analyze your headline for marketing value. It will tell you the percentages of Intellectual, Empathetic and Spiritual marketing value your headline has. Just type in headline up to 20 words and choose a category for your results. Great tool to improve the value of your post titles.

 Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 1.44.18 PM


10. PinAlerts

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 1.58.07 PM

  • Discover who is interacting with your content
  • See what content is being pinned from your site
  • Announce pins
  • Thank people for pinning your pins
  • Receive pin alerts on multiple domains



Social Media – Is it worth your time? Does your business benefit?

 photo of wipe board to do list

Social media is a component of your overall marketing plan. The most important thing to note about social media is that you need to measure, analyze results and adjust your strategy for successful engagement. There is no sole purpose for using social media for your business but many. Social media is a way to be more interactive with your customers, gather useful data to help you constantly fine tune your product/service for your target audience and give back to community through your social media posts and helpful content. Take this as a unique opportunity to be real in our web world.


10 Free Social Media Tools . . . Successful Social Media Tip of the Day

screenshot of tools

Social Media can help you reach your target audience, expand your target market and give you a way to measure ROI.  That’s if you know about social media monitoring tools.  You can pay someone to measure your social media success or you can do it yourself !

There are many FREE monitoring tools, here is a sample of ten to try . . .

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Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . How can Content Marketing help your business?

Everyone is talking about Content Marketing.  What is content marketing and how can you use it to help your business grow?

Content marketing is marketing in which you create media to share through social media channels to help gain a boarder customer base.

You do not have to be a marketing person to create a content marketing plan for your business. Start off simple using your social media platforms to create interesting  and useful content your customers will want to share.

How do you come up with a content marketing plan?

To start with you must decide what your goal is.  This will help narrow your content choices to post. Decide what types  of marketing visuals  you are comfortable using.  Visual content includes  videos, podcasts, info graphics and e-books to share.  Don’t worry about being super creative. With so many web based tools out there today  to help, it is much easier to create graphic material than you may realize.

Next decide what social media platforms would suit your business the best.  You may not know this at first so try different platforms and pay attention to the analytics.  Some social media platforms have there own built in analytics or ‘stats’ like WordPress. If not, sign up for Google analytics which is an excellent source to show you what content is working for you and what content isn’t.  You cannot possibly know this information without looking at your Stats.

Most people know about the social media platforms of Twitter and Facebook.  There are many more that are gaining popularity especially in certain demographic areas such as Tumblr with younger audiences, Flicker, Pinterest and don’t forget about YouTube. Many an entrepreneur have started out on YouTube.

The most successful content marketing is consistent with a high quality of reliable information that is useful to viewers in solving  problems or just plain good to know stuff!

For an example of content marketing lets say you own a local consignment store which sells mostly clothes and accessories.  Your content marketing may consist of posts that feature helpful hints to organize your closet, how to pick the right colors to wear or feature fashion trends for the upcoming season.  Once you find your post, use your social media accounts to post to.  Start a Pinterest board featuring vintage clothing and your helpful tips.   You could also create Pinterest boards for customers to Pin.  Encourage viewers to Like or Share your content.  Make sure if you blog to add social share button for viewers to share your post.

Don’t forget about seasonal holidays and local events to include in your social media content marketing plan. Learn how to use hashtags to maximize your impact on Twitter.  

Content marketing is a great tool for all businesses to utilize, especially if you are just starting out and have little or no advertising budget.  You don’t need big bucks to create a larger presence with social media.  Your content marketing should be helpful, fun and social to put your business out there in the world to compete with the big guys.