Inspired by the Minimalist Style trends in the fashion industry,  we have put our passion into designing and producing Minimalist Style hand made necklaces and earrings, and this has lead us to a whole new world.  We are constantly finding new ways to express our individualism through the art of jewelry design.  Our newest project is custom hand polishing opal stones and creating one of a kind natural stone necklaces.

Visit us –

 on Etsy or at our shop ARTodayCharm Jewelry Co.

 N1532018 IMG_9399_Fotor

Along with Fashion, photography is our other passion and the first reason I started this Blog!


photo of blooming camellias

Camellias in Bloom


photo of blooming camellia


Sunrise photoPhoto is tide out in Plymouth Maphoto of empty beach and quote"enjoy life, this is not a dress rehearsal"


photo of water and New England Fall leaves

Fall is finally here with cool air, winds gently lifting leaves off the trees and that annual tradition of ranking leaves begin…







photo of chinese lantern


photo of flower in bloom

Pretty Petals

photo of swans in pond

Pond Swans

photo of coffee au lair

Yes, Please



photo of father and son fishing




photo of flowers



photo of candles and girl

Light For A Angel

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