10 Free Social Media Tools . . . Successful Social Media Tip of the Day

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Social Media can help you reach your target audience, expand your target market and give you a way to measure ROI.  That’s if you know about social media monitoring tools.  You can pay someone to measure your social media success or you can do it yourself !

There are many FREE monitoring tools, here is a sample of ten to try . . .

10 Free Tools . . .

1. Google Analytics

Google will collect basic page tracking data from your website.  The data includes traffic referral information, user characteristics, and browsing information.  First you must decide how to add Google tracking to your site.  You can use the Google Tag Manager or add the tracking code directly to your site.  The advantage of using Google’s tag manager is it simplifies tag management on your site and makes it easier to add other tags (such as AdWords Conversion Tracking and remarking tags) to your site and configure your Google Analytics tracking.

2. TweetReach

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With a free account you can run unlimited snapshot reports analyzing up to 50 tweets, bookmark snapshot reports for later in My Reports and export snapshot reports as PDF and CSV. You can also purchase full snapshot reports and  sign up for one of their paid plans for more services.

3. Klout

Find out who your influencers are and who you may be influencing  with Klout, a website and mobile app that uses social media analytics  to rank its users according to online social influence by a “Klout Score”. In determining the user score, Klout measures the size of a user’s social media network and correlates the content created to measure how other users interact with that content.

4. Hootsuite

Monitor all your social media accounts with Hootsuite’s digital dashboard. Discover your ROI with reports that show how social media is helping your business grow. You can  schedule messages across any or all of your social profiles, manage multiple networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and gain social media marketing knowledge with their webinars. You can also sign up for their Hootsuite Pro for more services.

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5. FollowerWonk

Analyze your Twitter followers, compare users, sort followers by importance, track your followers and search bios. Learn when the best time is to engage in your social media community, know what influencers are engaging in and when they are active.  Link your Moz account to FollowerWonk.

6. Facebook Insights

Learn how visitors are engaging with your Facebook page using Facebook Insights. You can view Page performance stats, find your most engaging posts, learn when your visitors are using Facebook so you can publish posts in the most timely way when they have the greatest chance of being shared, see which posts have the most likes, comments and shares. Understanding your audience will assist you in creating engaging contents they want to see.

7. Topsy

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Topsy can search and analyze links, tweets, photos, videos and influencers.  Put in your search terms and get the analytics in graphic form.  Discover new social trends in any of the searchable fields of photos, videos, tweets and links.

8. HowSociable

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HowSociable  provides a way for you to measure your brand’s impact on the  web. Their magnitude score provides an indication of the level of activity a brand has during a set period of time. They calculate the magnitude score by taking a sample of one week’s activity on up to 36 of the most popular social media platforms and analyze the activity that references a brand. This helps you set goals, discover your brands strength or weakness.

9. Tweet Activity

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Optimize your performance on Twitter with the Tweet Activity dashboard.  Find out how many impressions each of your tweets are receiving, which got the most engagement and the percentage of engagement, compare your progress over time, see who your Twitter audience is comprised off and the percentage in each field and their geographic location.

10. Pinterest Analytics

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Target your pins by understanding how your followers are engaging with your pins and pinboards. Increase your impressions and repins using the Pinterest analytics. Find out the businesses your pinners follow. See how much traffic your Pinterest site is generating, find out which of pins gets the most repines, you may be surprised.

Check out these FREE social media tools and let us know what your experience was with the tool. Keep your social media active and understand your social media analytics so you will achieve success using social media to promote your brand, products and business !  Visit Successful Social Media on Pinterest and Facebook and Roberta on Twitter.

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