Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . 10 Social Media Content Marketing Tools

Do you feel you are always looking for great content or have a hard time keep all your resources where you can easily use them?  There are many social media content marketing tools out there to help unclutter the social media mess that can sometimes build up.  Whether it’s keeping track of tweets or putting together presentations that multiple people need to work on that are in different states,  here are 8  tools to try out.  Most are free.


1. Buzzsumo is a free and paid content marketing app that will help you find the influencers in any topic, track your competitors and show you what the most popular shared content currently is.  For content insights, Buzzsumo will show you the total shares across various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Pinterest. You can apply filters to narrow your search for certain timeframes from 24 hours up to a year.  You can also filter by type of post you are looking for such as videos, info graphics, interviews and more.  Buzzsumo will analyze content performance and show you what is the most popular using Keywords to search topics.

2. Listly is a fun way to compile list on certain subjects.  You can follow other creators lists and create your own list which subscribers can add content to.  The content can be shared and voted on.  Listly is a good way to  keep track of resource lists, track of media publicity for your business and it’s free to sign up.

3. Buffer app will create a queue to let you share articles throughout the day on your social media platforms.  This is great for writing a bunch of posts when you have time and let Buffer spread out the posting.  Buffer  can give your post a short link,  analyze how well your posts are doing and tell you how many have clicked on your links.

4. Prezi is a cloud based app that enables you to give presentations right from your iPad or iPhone.  It is convenient to collaborate with co-workers who might be at another location.  You can manage privacy and sharing abilities.  They do have enhanced image editing and support.  A free trial offer for a month to try it out.  Good for businesses that give many presentations.

5. Ubbersuggest is a Keyword content search tool.  Input your keyword, choose your language and your search options  from the web or specific places such as the News or Videos.   You can keep your searches for later reference.  It’s free to use and can generate many leads for those days you need a little help finding topics.

6.  Gravity crawls and indexes web content and determines relevancy on what is a trending topic.  Gravity will show you content based on what you engage with the most on line to help you find the most shared and popular content. They use page views, social counts and uniques to help accomplish their indexing relevancy.

7. TweetDeck can monitor multiple timelines from you social media platforms.  Use TweetDeck to schedule your tweets, receive alerts for new information or  tweets and use it to create searches on various things like trending topics and hashtags.  Keep track of all your searches and activity in one place and of course, it’s free.

8. MailChimp is a source to get insights about your subscribers social media engagement. Send automated emails and keep records of important conversations.  MailChimp will help you target your email mailings with best send time optimization suggestions and help your analyze your customer base.  MailChimp has a free plan for up to 12,000 emails and 2,000 subscribers.  After that fees will apply.

 So get organized, try these tools to see if they make your social media part of the day a little easier and feel free to share or like this post if you found it useful !