Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . Using Video to Promote Your Brand

If you want to promote your product or service using social media, Videos are an excellent way to do this because most social media platforms are visual and a video can easily capture the viewers attention. So you want to do a video but don’t know where to start.

Desolate beauty

Desolate beauty

Here are a few tips to start you off:

1. First you need to define your purpose of your video – is it to sell a product, gain more brand recognition, establish a stronger connection with your customers ? Define and write out this objective so you can refer to it when things start to go off track.

2.  Know what kind of video you want to produce.  Once you have defined the video purpose you can move onto how you want to present that in video format. There are many kinds of videos, you can do a Q & A, testimonials, before & afters, educational, a tutorial, solve a problem, tell a story, present an interview or video about an upcoming event you are having.

3. Know who you are marketing to.  This may seem simple but knowing your customer base is important for sending the right message.   Your video already has your purpose defined, now you need an end goal.  Fill in the blanks to this question of  – if video does this________, then _______ should happen.  An example would be – If  I tell a story of how my business got started and the emotional road which lead to where I am today, then I am appealing to an emotional need of my consumer base that will help me gain more followers on my website.

4.  Use Keywords in the video language.  You can look up Keywords using web tools like and Plan your language carefully. You don’t want to come across rehearsed or to scripted.  Most small business videos are best done when non-professionals appear in them.  People will relate better to you and your business.  Remember, we are talking about Social Media Videos not TV ads.  That’s is entirely a different ball game.

5. Communicate in the first few seconds of your video what it is all about and let people know why they should continue to watch.  Don’t beat around the bush with a lot of wordy phrases.  The more visual and creative you keep your video the longer folks will watch.

6. Keep your video short – between 1 and 2 minutes is a good place to start.  The more traffic and sharing you get for your videos, the longer you can start to make them.

7.  Have a Call to Action – always let the viewer know what you would like them to do after they have watched your video – do you want them to like your page, visit a website, sign up for a newsletter, subscribe to your YouTube channel?  Let them know.  Also, it is important to let viewers know what will happen when they do what your are asking.  For example, don’t surprise or spam people – let them know when they visit your site they can expect to see  __________.  Or if you are looking for followers, you may want to let them know, if you follow, we will follow back or send a coupon, anything that you are planning to do for the folks who supported you.

8. Use Vine or Instagram to quickly and easily post your videos.  You do not need an expensive camera or a studio, iPhones and most smartphones are the easiest way to shoot and share almost immediately.  If you didn’t like your first try, just delete and shoot again.

Remember, Social Media is about sharing positive and useful information which may be letting viewers know about your great product or service.  So when shooting videos, be creative, be visual, be positive and fun.  That is how to get positive results.

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