Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . WordPress Embedding Video & Audio Tips

You started a blog and now you want to jazz it up a bit but don’t know where to start. Are you looking to add video or audio to your posts ?  

Here are a few WordPress tips to help you with those features.

Adding Video to your WordPress site – 

 Find the video URL to copy. Most URLs can be found in the reader bar or YouTube for example usually has the video link in a menu below the video. Open up a post in the Editor.  Place your cursor where you would like the video to appear. Paste the link.  Be sure that your video is not hyperlinked.  To tell if your video is hyperlinked see if the ink color of the link is the same as your theme’s ink color.  If it is then it’s hyperlinked. To unlink it, select by highlighting the link then click on the box with the broken chain link in the editor  to unlink the hyperlink. Click Publish and your post should have a playable video embedded in it.  Be sure to check out your post to confirm it works so if a search engine finds your post, it will not find a broken link.

 Adding Audio to your WordPress site –

There are many ways to add audio.  You can use an audio player like Spotify to easily add music to your site.  If you just want to upload a audio file from the Web  go to your Visual Editor.  Insert the word audio with  bracket before it  like this:

http://example.file.wordpress.com2014/%20mp3 .  Next insert the URL and put an end bracket on last.

A soundtrack player bar sound appear in your post.  If you don’t have a flash player installed then the direct download link will be displayed instead. To loop your track add more short code of |loop = yes before the end bracket like this:


Embedding a Playlist into your Sidebar –

To do this, go to the Dashboard,  Appearance menu then widgets.  Add the Music Player widget into a widget space. Click on your audio link or upload from your audio files in your library.

To edit the songs titles or any information about an audio track, go to your Media Library to make any changes.

If your screen is blank when you try to add songs to the music player widget, try disabling the Accessibility Mode.  You can find this in the Appearance – widgets – click on the Screen Options tab in upper right hand corner and then click Disable Accessibility Mode.  Go back and try adding your song again.

By adding sound and video you can really customize your website or blog and show your creative side.

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