Have you heard  – Pinterest has added new features so you can interact with your followers and pins !  


This exciting new feature is an awesome way to have a conversation with your customers.  The value this will add to your business on Pinterest is amazing.  If you don’t use Pinterest now in your social media marketing, you should start !

According to Pinterest, over 2 million pins are sent around the world in a day !  Now Pinterest has added the capability of engaging with someone through your pin.  You can send a message or reply to a message.  Use this new feature to send messages to groups of your followers or for project management within your company.

Pinterest sites an example of Bertungspuzzle, Stefan Buhler, founder says “If a customer wants me to create a logo for them, I just send them a link to my 100 log0s board.  They can look through it and write me that they like the font from number 60, or the colors from number 25 and so on.  That way it’s easier for me to understand the style they want and my customers see what I can do.”

Pinterest got it right with this new resource, now  your business can communicate directly to the consumer using Pinterest.   For more information about this feature go to Pinterest

If you want more from Pinterest, investigate their Tool section.  Among other tools under this menu you have the widget builder, Rich Pins, Pin it Button, Promoted Pins and your analytics.  

What are these tools?

Pinterest has made it super easy to put a Pin button on your website or blog anywhere you want it.  Just click on  the widget menu under the Tool section and you will see their Build It menu.

First choose your button type : one image, any image or image hover.

Next is appearance – small or large, the shape, color and language you want the word Pin to be displayed in.

You can choose to show the Pin count if you like.  Finish up the process by adding in your URL and the image URL then click on the Build It button and it will appear just where you want it.

Another great tool is the Rich Pins.  A Rich Pin is a pin that includes information about itself right on the pin.  

The 5 types of Rich Pins are recipe, article, product, movie and place.

1. Use the Recipe Rich Pin to add ingredients and cooking information to your pin.

2. Article Rich Pins help pinners find events and stories they are interested in.  You can include headlines and story descriptions with this Rich Pin.

3. A Product Rich Pin may include where pincers can purchase a product and real-time pricing information.

4. The Movie Rich Pin help pinners find out information about new movies, ratings and actor information.

5. Place Rich Pins can help visitors  find you by including information of an address, phone and map of the area. A great feature for businesses in busy urban areas.

Rich Pins do need to be set up with Meta Tags on your website and you need to apply to Pinterest to get them but well worth investigating. Depending on your business find out which Rich Pin will benefit you most by asking a social media consultant in your area or talk with other business owners if they have any experience using Rich Pins.  Another source would be businesses on Pinterest using the Rich Pins.

Learn about Pinterest success stories on the Pinterest website to give you insight and inspiration for how to best use Pinterest as a social media marketing platform for your brand. 

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