Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . How to Use Twitter for your Business

Do you use Social Media to promote your business?  

Most social media platforms are free and easy to learn how to use.   Twitter is one of the most easy to learn how to use.  

Here are few tips about Twitter.

When you sign up for Twitter you will need to follow other Twitter profiles to help build your account.  Look for influencers in your line of business.  Check out their tweets and see if it something you are interested in or you agree with their point of view.  In order to have a successful business Twitter account, you want to follow other Twitter viewers that have relevance to you.

Keep track of your followers and follow them back.  You don’t have to follow everyone back.  In general I follow back people that have tweets that I myself would tweet about.  For the most part if you get followers you rather not have, chances are if you do not interact with them, they will eventually get disinterested in you and stop following your account.

Use hashtags to find out what people are interested in.  For example, if you sell exercise equipment, search a hashtag for #exercise trends to find out what others are looking for.  Hashtag your tweets as well.  This will make you easier to find on Twitter.

Be to the point with your Tweets.  You only have 140 characters per tweet so make every one of them count. If you are including a link to your website, use a shortening site to save on characters. is a popular tool that can do this.

Make sure you fill out your profile completely.  Use a good photo that has relevance to your brand.  You can pick a photo that you use for your website or other social media accounts. Be sure to add a background.  You can choose backgrounds from Twitter or download your own image.  To choose a background go to the gear in the upper right hand corner. Click on it and under settings you will find backgrounds.  Either choose one of Twitter’s pre-made backgrounds or go to the use existing image and down load your photo.  Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and save.

If you are selling a product, use visuals in your tweets.  Social media is a visual media and tweets with pics get noticed more easily.  Try not to be all about just business on your account.  Have some fun tweets or useful tips that relate to your business.  For example, if you are in the fitness business, tweet about a new hot exercise trend or useful tips for seasonal variations for your exercise routine. Show photos of your products being used at a road race or sporting event.

The best way to thank a follower is retweet or favorite one of their tweets.  I learned early on from a nice soul that DMs (Direct Messages) to thank someone for a follow can be risky. Many folks do not like getting those because the DM could be coming from an unverified account with malicious links.  I think Twitter and web browsers have been working on this problem and it is much better now but retweeting someone or  favoriting their tweet will give their content more exposure which is really the object of social media. Get your message out there for the whole world to see!

So, if you do not use Twitter now, sign up at and start your account.  Follow these few simple ideas to get you started and get to tweeting my friend.

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