Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . Facebook Tips

How can you use Facebook to your advantage for your business?

Facebook has valuable features which you can utilize in your social media business strategy.  Here are just a few ways Facebook can help you publicize your business.

Have you thought about using Facebook’s Ad Campaign feature ?  Facebook will help you create your ad, let you determine the demographics and you can set your own budget.  When using this feature Facebook will first ask you what you want to achieve.  Choose from the following  goals:

– Page Post Engagement

– Page Likes

– Clicks to Website

– App Installs

– App Engagement

– Offer Claims

Next you can enter your Ad message in the text box and upload up to 6 pictures for free.

Demographics are next, you can make the following choices:

– Age

– Gender

– Languages

– Interests

– Behaviors

– Connections

Facebook will then take you through setting your budget with as little as $1.00 a day, you set the time period for how long you want to run your campaign and next fill in your payment information.

That’s it, you now have a Ad Campaign running on Facebook.  Now how do you manage it?  Facebook can help you with this.  They will measure the effectiveness of your campaign and give you a history report on your goals.

There are other Free ways you can use Facebook.  Have you ever thought about featuring another page on your page? Your page can like other pages and you may feature them.  This is a  unique feature which can help local business support other local business with far reaching results and it’s Free!

To feature another’s page, go to the Page you wish to feature and click Like.

Go to your page and click Settings at top.

Click Featured in left column.

Choose Pages you would like to feature and click save.

It’s that simple!

Liking other local business pages is also a great way to connect to your local business community on-line in Social Media.

The great thing about Social Media is that it can be local or global and it is a free source of connecting your business to the community and the world. As long as you use it wisely and not spam people or hard sell your product, you will find providing useful content will engage your viewers and your business will move into the new reality of how successful businesses  reach their consumers.

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