Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . What is WordAds on ?

Would you like to make money

on your blog ?  

Have you signed up for the  WordAds feature?

If you have a WordPress site and would like to have paid ads on it, take advantage of their feature ‘WordAds’.    WordAds is a feature that will run ads next to or below your content and let you share in the income.

WordAds was develop to enable site owners to make money with published advertising on their sites and have WordPress do all the work of managing paid advertising.  WordAds has their own team to manage your site ads and keep track of the accounting for you.

WordAds try to fit the best campaign with each site but tends to have broad national ad campaigns running because they pay better than smaller local ad campaigns. Although you cannot personally choose your advertiser, you do have discretion over ads that you feel are offensive or are not good for your Blog’s image and can have them removed by sending a screenshot along with the Ad’s URL to WordPress and they will discontinue its use on your site.

In order to start using WordAds, you must have a domain name which you can register through In your Dashboard, go to Store, Domains and click on Register a New Domain button.  Enter the domain name you wish to register and click Go.  If the name is available, it will let you ‘Register Now’.  Complete the payment process and you are on your way with your new Domain Name.

The second thing you will need to have is a PayPal account.  Once you have set up a PayPal account you can now go to WordAds and request an invitation to join.  You will need your domain name and PayPal account information to submit.

Third, if you live in the United States you will need to provide a tax ID number or social security number so WordAds can send you a tax form at the end of the year. I know, I know.

Once WordAds has approved your account they will launch WordAds on your site and send you a notification that this process has been completed and the account is live.

Once your account is launched, you can now go to your Dashboard under Settings and see WordAds has been added to the menu.

How do you get paid by WordAds ?

Good question, WordAds pays out once a month at the end of a month.  They will send you an email indicating what your earnings are. In order to get paid you need to have made a minimum of $100.00.  Don’t worry if you didn’t do that.  WordAds will save your earnings to pay out on the following month which hopefully has put you above the $100 mark.

WordAds do run on mobile sites which is an important feature to have with so many of us using mobile for our internet business.

WordAds is intended to help you be able to stay focused on your work and let WordAds worry about all the hassles that paid advertising can bring.  This feature is especially useful to the small business or site owner who may not have the budget or staff to deal with site advertising.

Try out WordAds and eventually your pocketbook will grow and your business will as well.  Let your site content flourish and make some money  and  when the time is right – Now  you can hired that staff!

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