Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . How to Make an Info Graphic

Info graphics are fun fact sheets about a topic.  Use Info graphics on your business website or blog to show a visual fun side of the product you are promoting.  Info graphics are a colorful alternative to presenting the facts in an otherwise boring statistic chart.  If you do make info graphics, be sure to remember to add social share buttons.  People love to share info graphics on Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr and many other social media platforms.   Remember to post your info graphic to your own social media sites as well.

There are many free tools to use to make an info graphic.  Here are just a few to get you started in your new endeavor of info graph design.

1.  – this tool is so much fun to use.  You must create an account first.  The basic version is free and has plenty to do.  You can upgrade to access more advanced features.  Each time you create, the info graph can be shared right from your work or you can save the creation in a library and go back to it later.  This tool makes it easy to add a video, photograph, map and many variations of charts.  The settings allow you to change the width, add your custom logo and add an embed button, share buttons and custom links.

2. Piktochart – I found this tool to be a little more complex but still fairly easy to use.  They do have an extensive help guide with lots of great tips on how to make an info graphic and bring you through the process of what to do next.  Piktochart can do all the things does but with a little more intensity and has the share and publish buttons right on the main page for easy sharing.

3. – This was so easy and fun to use.  Choose from thousands of themes, photos and icons.  This is a great tool with so many graphics, its hard to believe they don’t already have what you are looking for.  Most of Canva is free and they do have templates you can purchase.  All the social sharing is there.  What I liked most about Canva is it’s so easy to add anything, size it and move it anywhere on the page.  This is a must try it out !

These are just 3 Info graphic tools to get you started.  

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