Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . How to Post a Pin from Pinterest in your WordPress Blog


Have you wanted to take a Pin from your Pinterest boards and post it to your blog?  It is quick and easy to do if you know how.  

Here is a How  To in 10 Easy Steps – 

1. Go to your Pinterest board and find the Pin you want to post on your blog

2. Click on the Pin then click on the box near top right of Pin with the pencil in it

3. You will see the URL down at the bottom of the Pin

4. Copy the URL by using Control C or through the Copy option from your Edit menu

5. Go to your blog and start a new post

6.  Type your Post Title and post. When you are ready to insert Pin link, click on the Add Media box on left side of Post page

7. Before you insert your link make sure to leave your cursor where you want the link to appear in your post

8. Click on the Insert from URL

9. Paste your URL into the box using Control V or the Paste option from your Edit menu

10. Click Insert Into Post on bottom right side of screen


And Bravo ! You have added your Pin to your WordPress blog post !

Try it out !  Please retweet and share this if you found it to be useful !!