Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . What are Twitter Cards ?

Have you ever tweeted and wanted to add more to the tweet than Twitter allows?  Twitter cards are a way you can personalize your tweets with photos and up to 200 additional characters in the description.  There are several types of Twitter cards and you must have a valid URL to activate Twitter cards.

In order to activate Twitter cards, goto and sign in. Under Developers you will see Twitter Cards. Select the card type and fill in your information before you can validate the Twitter Card. Use a blog post and not your Home Page URL to validate.

Twitter cards come as a summary card, product card, player (use for videos) and App card.  Under the Developer in Twitter you can view each card type and choose the one that best suits your business needs.  The summary card is popular because you can add a photo and your message.

Try out Twitter Cards, click on these links for more useful information about Twitter Cards –  and

What card did you use and did you find it useful to your social media platform ?