Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . How to Use Facebook for your Business




Use Facebook to engage your customer base and build new relationships for your business.  Start by having a Facebook page for your business.  Create a custom URL when you set up your page.  Make sure you show this information on your business cards and other business related printed materials.

My neighbor asked me “What am I supposed to put on a Facebook for my business?” Good question for those of us who didn’t grow up using Facebook.  The most complicated our business marketing got was ‘What color do we put on our sign our front?” Just kidding, but seriously where do you start with your business Facebook Page? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Build your audience by Sharing your Page.  Tell a story with your Facebook Page that is unique to your business and encourage others to share it.  Post timely and current content as relatable to your field of business.  Getting ‘Likes” for your Page will boost your engagement with others who may share what you have post and will be seen in their News Feed.

Be consistent in your message and try different ways to express your message.  Facebook is a visual social media platform so vary posts with  photos, videos and other useful links.  If you have a post that is getting a lot of engagement, promote that post so that friends of your followers will see the post in their News Feed.

Repeat any success you have had by following the same format again.  You can also target audiences with Facebook Ads.  Go to the Admin Page to create your Facebook Ad and use the Create Tool to guide you through the process.  Facebook Ads are not free like your Page but if you have enough of a following, it can be far reaching to an audience that might not otherwise see your site.

Promote your page by adding your business contact list or LinkedIn connection list and let people know about your business and what they might expect to find in terms of useful information if they visit your Facebook Page.

Use Page Insights to keep track of who is engaged with your Page.  Look at the analytics and understand if you are attracting the audience you want.  Are you attracting the right age bracket ?  Are you a local business and are attracting from the local area or are you limitless in area and want worldwide attention to your product or service ?

Always have a business goal in mind when developing your Facebook Page.  This will help you navigate the world of content and help narrow down your choices to post.  Recognize when you need to change tactics and always be truthful to what you are trying to accomplish.  Remember to tell your business story so people can relate to what you are trying to do.  Make your post helpful and hopefully interesting and success will follow !

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