Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . How to Build Your Twitter Following



Twitter is a social media platform you can use to engage followers, whether you are looking for a job or have a product or business to promote, Twitter can help!  Here are a few tips to help build your Twitter followers.

If you are new to Twitter, understand that what you want to have is a consistent and real Twitter base.  You need to start off by following people who are relevant in your industry.  Don’t follow everyone who follows you.  Following people in your industry will give you some follow backs to add to your Twitter base.  You are off to a good start!

Find Tweetchats to engage in.  Tweetchats are Twitter conversations you can have with others sharing common interests.  Use to help you sort your chats.

If you gain a follower, review their Tweets and Retweet or favorite tweets that relate to your Twitter objectives.  Remember to stay on point to your message and throughly investigate who you may be retweeting.   I once retweeted a tweet I liked and found it was linked to a political land mind and all of a sudden got followers that I did not want to attract.

Tweet on a regular basis, studies show that lunch time hour is a good time to tweet, people are available to look at their Twitter.   Remember to look at your analytics to see when your tweets are being most effective and tweet during those times.

You don’t have to tweet 20 times a day.  Tweeting 4 to 5 times a day with good content is much more effective than constantly tweeting random content.

Use carefully placed Hashtags, not more than 2 # in a tweet shows to be the most effective and use keywords to attract your business industry people.

If you have other social media sites, be sure to link your Twitter account to them so your Tweets can be shared on those site.

Twitter is a social media platform you can use to attract Recruiters and potential employers as well as show your social media presence of your business to the world.  Happy Tweeting !

 What tips have you used that has helped develop your Twitter following ? please add your comments.