Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . How to Increase Blog Traffic




I can’t tell you how many times a day someone will say “Just start a blog”.  Sure, it’s that easy.  That would be nice if it was true.  Having a blog is a constant growing thing that must be tended to like your garden.  You can’t just let things go and have the weeds take over. There are many things you can do to grow your blog and keep your blog traffic increasing as you go along.  Engaging content is always what you strive for.

It’s great to be able to write fantastic posts every time but in case you don’t, here are just a few tips to consider – 

1.  Ask a question in your post.  Try to have a call to action for people to respond to.

2. Link an article to another blog and leave your comments on that blog. Always check the link to make sure it works.

3. Blog about important information that will be helpful to readers or new news in your business area people might want to know about.

4. Include keywords that search engines will pick up and use trending topics to reference in your posts.

5. Try to aim for one longer article each week. It takes about 1500 characters for SEO optimization.  So take some time to develop one awesome post a week.

6. Make sure your post gets promoted to your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and any other social media platform you use.  Always check on it to make sure it actually went through.  Let your network know about the post to help co-promote it.

7. Networking – spend a set amount of time each day networking.  This means read other blogs, comment on them, share the blogs you like with your Facebook.  Tweet out good posts on your twitter.  You can look up bloggers you like and connect with them on Twitter or Facebook.  They will appreciate  you did that and you may gain a follower for  social media accounts that you have.

8. Check your stats out.  See what has worked for you in the past and what hasn’t.  You can’t know what is really working without keeping an eye on your stats.

9. Be true to yourself and write only about things you believe in and like.  Don’t  force yourself to write a blog about hair and makeup because you think you will make easy money.  You need to be interested in what you are blogging about.

10.  Show a personal side to your blog.  Don’t have it be all about business.  That’s for your website to do.  The blog is where you can show the personality behind the business and help people as it may pertain to what you do professionally.

Tend to your blog like a garden, some days you must weed, some days you must feed it but above all else, enjoy it !