Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . How to Create a Great Domain Name

Domain names are key to your social media success.  Although there are many keys to social media success, domain names are important and  you should  make sure you have one that is going to aide in developing your social media business platform.  First, lets explain what a domain name is.  Your domain name is the unique name that identifies a website.  This is the address that is used to access the website.  You can find your domain name in the browser bar at the top of a page.  Domain names always have a suffix after the’.’ such as org, com or net are the most common ones.  You must register your domain name in order to be able to use it. A DNS service actually translates your domain name into your IP address.

Here are a couple of tips to creating Domain Names that will work for you . .

1. Make your Domain name easy to remember. This advice is for you as well as your visitors who want to remember who you are.  If it is too complicated you will loose some visitors.  Make it relate to your business or service.  It should make sense to people.  

2. Make it short – don’t put together long phrases which have greater chances of being misspelled and forgotten easily.  The shorter the better.  Try to keep your name under 10 characters.

3. Make it easy to spell – strange and unfamiliar words should be avoided.  Remember, you are trying to keep your visitors, so make it an easy name for people to type.

4. Keep it with the letter characters – try not to use numbers or symbols as these can be confusing to people.  If someone forgets to put that symbol in, they won’t reach your site and may land on some other business site.

5.  Make it relatable to your products or services.  If you are selling dog food and you happen to love ladybugs and think is cute – that’s not relatable to someone looking to buy dog food.  Make sure your domain name makes sense with your business.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind when trying to develop that domain name.  Remember, there are many sources you can use to register your domain name.   Some more pricey than others, so do your shopping and you will be on your way to developing your on-line social media marketing presence.