Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . 10 Good SEO Terms to Know

If you Blog or have a website you need to know about SEO.  SEO is Search Engine Optimization which is a process of optimizing your pages so they appear in web searches.  There are many SEO terms to know so we will just start with 10.  First, you need to know that SEO is one of the two sections of SEM which stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEM is marketing products and services through search engines. SEO and PPC are the two sections of SEM. PPC  stands for Pay Per Click which is purchasing clicks from search engines from sponsored listings.  Now that you understand that, here are 10 terms to know – 

1. Web Crawler – is a spider that goes out into the internet to browse for Search Engines and hopefully comes up with new web pages and links for the Search Engine to index.

2. Cloaking – this is the process of showing different content to search engines and people all from the same  web page. The reason for doing this is to get the page ranked for certain keywords and then use incoming traffic to promote unrelated services or products.  This is considered ‘spamming’. Not a good thing to be doing.

3. Backlink – is a hyperlink on another website directing back to your website. This has influence on search rankings and it important for your SEO.

4. Page Rank – this is what Google uses to gage the importance of a page.  This algorithm measures the link from one page to another and the more links you have gives the page more value deeming it trustworthy and therefore important.

5. Linkbait – this is when content on websites or blogs try to attract as many backlinks so it can to improve it’s own search ranking. 

6. Title Tag – This is your websites title which is extremely important to Google’s search algorithm.  You should have keywords in it.  You can see any web page title tag at the top of your browser.

7. Meta Tags – These are within the HTML code and tell search engines more detail than the title tag about your page content.

8. SERP – stands for Search Engine Results Page and this the page Google shows you when you are doing any search. This is important to your ranking in the SERPs and will determine the amount of traffic your site will receive.

9. Keywords – these are words that search engines use to index and rank content from the tiny little spiders or bots that are out there doing the heavy work.

10. Anchor Text – is text of backlinks that are clickable on your web page.  Keyword Anchor Text will help your SEO because it  helps  Google make the connection of keywords from your content and associate it with your website.

There are many more important terms when it comes to SEO but knowing a few basic ones helps get you started in the right direction. 

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Happy SEOing !