Successful Social Media Tip of theDay . . Website Design Tips

If your just starting out and decide you need a website for your business, here are a few tips to help you on your way.  Many times I will have clients come to me with the basic free site they made themselves.  Usually they are either not happy with it or people are having problems using or accessing their site.

This first tip might seem like a no brainer but please  . . .  Make sure you spell everything correctly! People can be really picky about that.  If you can’t spell your own services or products right on a website, what kind a finished product are you producing?

Second Tip – Make your pages long enough to include the important information you want to get across in a few seconds.  People do not want to wade through unless information, they have other things to do.

Third Tip – I think this is the most important tip – Your Pages must load fast.  People lose interest quickly and if your site doesn’t load within seconds, they will be looking for another website and Boom! you lost that customer!  Remember, everything you load onto your Pages effects the speed.  So if you have larger images, lengthy videos, you may want to cut back just a little until you know your site is up to speed.

Forth Tip –  All your Links need to work.  Check them out and make sure they do.  Links can work and then for some reason stop, so re check them on a timely basis for your own good.  A Site with too many broken links sends a message to the customer that you may not be good to do business with.

Fifth Tip – Use the right colors appropriate to your business.  If you are a Landscaper, use green.  If you are selling baby clothes, use pastels.  Just because you like the color Pink doesn’t mean your electrical business should use it on a website.

Sixth Tip – Keep in mind your other business marketing materials.  What do you have on your business cards ? Do you have a store front sign ?  Use the same logos, colors and type setting you use on those materials but keep in mind that the Internet is a Global setting.  Color can mean different things in different cultures so be careful not to offend international business interests.

Seventh Tip – Always have some way  for people to contact your business.  If there is no way to get in touch with you, do you really want customers? One has to wonder! By providing contact information you show that you are engaged and trust worthy and not hiding behind the Internet !

Eighth Tip – Make your website VISUAL !  Your website may only have a few seconds to engage a prospective customer so give it all you got ! Don’t have a lot of dead space and don’t clutter it up so much that one doesn’t know where to look first.  You should be guiding your website visitor down  your  Page and making the navigation of your site easy to follow.

Remember, not all visitors are Internet Savy so help the ones that aren’t and you will make the sale !

If you are building a website yourself remember  that not all FREE Websites are created equal. Some have advantages and disadvantages so throughly investigate before you commit !  You will be happy you did !