Successful Social Media Tip of the Day .. How to write a good ‘About’ Page

Every website, every blog and almost every social media platform wants to know about you.  On you website and blog, do you have an about page?  

If you don’t and are afraid to dig deep and show the world what your about, here are a few tips to help you on your way.  First of all, don’t put off creating your About page.  This can be a highly visited page on blogs and websites. if people like what you are doing, they will want to know about you.  You may loose visitors or followers if you can’t show people who they are interested in.  

Don’t worry that you won’t write a good ‘About’ Page, just start writing with these things in mind.

1. Call your page ‘About’  to make it user friendly. Please don’t use what you think are catchy titles.  Folks are use to going to an ‘About’ page to find things out about someone.  

2. Use your real name, don’t use some pseudo name like “The Pizza Man”.  If people want to link to you, they won’t be able to find you, and please use both first and last names.  Unless your famous like Beyonce, people really will need both first and last name.

3. Put your goals into your ‘About’ page.  People will respond to you the more they know about what you are interested in accomplishing.

4. Don’t tell the never ending story of YOU.  A paragraph of you is fine but go on from there into how you can help that person who clicked to see your ‘About’ page link.

5. Have a  Photo – please put a photo in always ! You want people to have a sense of who you are and without a picture, that’s almost impossible to do.  You don’t have to be a supermodel and even a  casual a shot of you is fine for social media sites.


Putting together your ‘About’ page can be a daunting tasks.  Take your time, be natural in what you say to get the best representation of you and alway have faith that people will respond positively to what you have to say.  Happy writing !