Use Tumblr for Your Business . . Successful Social Media Tip of the Day

Tumblr is another Social Media platform you can use to promote your business and it’s Free ! of course.   If you are already familiar with Twitter and Facebook, Tumblr has  similarities.  To start off, customize your Tumblr blog  using the following features:

Theme – you can use a pre made theme or create your own theme using HTML code.

Appearance – use this to change your background and header image.  Your tagline is also in Appearance.

Pages – create your custom Pages, start with an About page.  You can add or delete web pages.

Info – This is where you give your Blog a title, select an avatar and change your URL.

Services – use this to link your Tumblr blog to other social media sites you have such as Twitter or Facebook.

When publishing to your blog, keep your theme on point. Decide what your message is going to be and add revenant tags to your posts.  This will make it more likely visitors will find you if they are searching for certain information.  Interesting material is also helpful so followers will not get bored.  If you use outside sources always list them and if you are making the content yourself protect your blog from plagiarism by typing your URL of your blog in the ‘Source’ box.

Just like other Social Media Platforms, Tumblr thrives on followers, rebloging and Likes.  Pay attention to who is following you and follow back if you like their style.  The more bloggers that have similar interests that you follow, the chances of increasing your following !

Rebloging and Likes are another way to draw attention to your blog.  Be true to yourself though and don’t like everything you see.

When using any Social Media Platform you are trying to portray a sense of yourself to others.  Craft your message so you do not easily get off track and have fun blogging.

You can also get a little creative and show your talents on Tumblr.  It’s a great outlet for artists of all kinds.

Anaylize your followers to get a sense of who you are or aren’t attracting.  Are you promoting the your message clearly and developing the type of followers you want to have?  If you are a Tattoo Artist and you blog about cooking, that might not get people in the tattoo community to notice you.  Instead, keep your blog about all things tattoo with photos, videos, audio chats.  Give visitors Links they can follow which will link back to you creating more exposure for you on the Web.

So get blogging on Tumblr and use this Free Social Media Platform to give your business another resource people can reach out to you on.  Happy Blogging !