What is Storify ? Successful Social Media Tip of the Day


Heart Forest

Heart Forest

Storify – This is a free app which lets you tell your story using multiple media sources.  It will amplify your voice in an interactive dynamic way.  You can sign up for free using one of your social media accounts such as Twitter or Facebook.  Storify can also post for you on Facebook.

You can search media collected by Storify.  The results are based on the resonance each media item has on their platform.  The home page of Storify features the best stories made up from link, videos and updates.  You can use any element in a story for your own.

At the top of their home page you can search for media collected on Storify.   The Storify editor will help you search social media networks to find media elements for your story.  You can search Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and YouTube.

To start a story you will be asked to enter a story title.  Next, a brief description of what your story is about and then you can start your story.  You can drag and drop photos or videos to help illustrate your story.  You can always add to your story, edit it and save it.

The beauty of Storify besides having access to media, is you can place text and elements anywhere in your story to give a more visual dynamic to your post.

Storify stories can be embedded on the Web by pasting the embed code.  Another great feature about Storify is that when you use quotes in your story, Storify will notify all the people in your story helping it to spread out and go viral.  You become part of a larger link based and therefore have a better chance of being shared on social networks.

So check out this Free App – Storify – and start your own story today ! Let us know how you used Storify and what you think about this App !! Happy Story Telling !