Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . What are Facebook Ads?

If you have a Facebook Page for business you may want to consider using Facebook Ads to promote your Page, event or app.  Using Facebook Ads is easy and effective if you have specific goals mapped out, a target audience and a geographical location you want to promote in.  Likes, comment and shares will allow a whole new audience to see your ad. Let’s get started !

How it works – First you need to set up your Facebook Ad.  On upper right side of your Facebook, click on the down arrow to see the drop down menu, click on create ad.  Next Facebook will give a choice of what your goal is which could be Page engagement, driving followers to your website or building your brand.

Facebook then allows you to have targeting options.  These options will help you narrow your target audience and Facebook will change the look of your ad depending on who is viewing it so it will be the most effective to your viewer.

The Target Options are

– Demographics – you can choose your audience by age, gender, education and many more options

– Behaviors – such as certain purchases or media device uses

– Location – you can narrow your audience to a local area or region if you like

– Interests – you can target people with like hobbies or group interests

– Connections – you can reach your connection and their friends

– Custom Audiences – this feature uses your own data, such as your email list or phone lists


Facebook has a tool called Ad Create Tool – this tool will help you define your targeting options.  It uses the goal you choose to decide on the right combination of ads to reach your target audience.

Ad Tool will give these goals to choose from

– Get more Page Likes

– Promote Page Posts

– Get more app users

– Increase app engagement

– Increase event attendance

Another important feature is the Page Promotion on Facebook.  This will help increase your audience and help them like your Page which will show in their list of likes and your business will now be exposed to their friends.  The people who like your Page will also see your most engaging content Page in their News Feed.

So try it out and let us know how you did ! Promote your Page, Event or app!  Happy Facebook Ad Creating!