Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . What is Buzzsumo?


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Buzzsumo is an awesome social media tool to find influencers and see what social media content is being shared.  You can do amazing things on Buzzsumo.  You can sign up for FREE.  Let me tell you about my experience on Buzzsumo and some of the things you can expect to find when you use this amazing app !  This is fantastic for tracking data for your customers.  You can see who shared popular content, identify links shared by influencers, identify most shared content for a domain. If you have a client who wants to know what type of content people are wanting to read about a particular industry you can go to the “Top Content” section and type in the search box the type of industry you want to search content for and filter by date, period or type of article.

You can export your search data to excel. Buzzsumo also allows you to search specific types of content such as info graphics, guest blogs and interviews. A typical search to use “Top Content” for example will first show you the article title then it will have a view sharers button and share button.  Next it will tell you the  amount of Google+ shares, Facebooks Likes, Linkedin Shares, Twitter Shares and the total shares.

Like “Top Content” the Buzzsumo, their “Influencers” search will show you top influencers for a topic you enter.  First you will see their Gravatar and name.  Under their name you will see what they are being catagorized for like a blogger, influencer, journalist and the list can go on.  Next you have a column that has buttons for which you can add them to your list, follow them on social media or viewed shared links.  I think this is the most unique and valuable feature of Buzzsumo.  What a way to create and work with your influencer list ! Next you see a short description of who they are.  Following that you have counters which will show you their Page Authority, Page Rank, Followers, retweet ratios and reply ratios so you can see how responsive your influencer may be to you.

You can take a quick tour of what Buzzsumo does.  I found it easy to use, you can resort searches to fit your needs and it’s awesome you can save you search results.

Let us know what you think.  I have no professional affiliation with Buzzsumo, just think it’s an awesome social media metrics tool.    Visit for more information. Happy Social Media Searching !