“Sunday Rest Day” – Don Charisma’s Opinion

Don Charisma

It’s a rather lazy opinion post today, I’m pretty tired to be honest it’s been a long week, and really need to get an early night and a good rest.

In the UK the default religion is Church of England. Which means historically they’ve had control over a lot of English traditions. One of which is Sunday as a rest day. Within the last 20 years (or so) this has changed dramatically. It used to be that no one worked on Sundays, Saturday was a half-day for those that worked on Saturday and I seem to remember even a half day closing on Wednesday. Sunday it was actually illegal for people to work, I believe.

Now Sunday as far as the law is concerned is just like any other working day. Saturday and Wednesday were long gone before that.

Bars can now open 24 hours a day with the correct…

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