Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . Wednesday, How to Create Blog Content

Blog Content – Some days we all need a little help getting our minds to the task.  These 2 useful tools can help with that.  The first tool is from Hubspot.  They have a free Topic Generator tool which will give you topic post ideas based on your input.  User inputs 3 words into their Topic Generator boxes and this tool will generate  5 different titles to develop content for and it’s FREE.  The next easy to use tool is Diigo.  This FREE tool will manage and streamline your online information.  Diigo stands for Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff. Diigo will save bookmarks, highlights, notes, screenshots, pictures  and can be used with PC & Mac, Android, iPhone and iPads.  Diigo can be used to share, organize information, save links, achieve webpages that are fully searchable.

So try out these Free tools and let us know if they are useful to you, how easy were they to use and did you like them and did you like this post !!

On a side note, it was asked about the photos sometimes included on the social media tip posts and the photos are my way to add some color and personality with my photography hobby from everyday images in my little corner of the world!  Happy Creating !