Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . .Monday, How to Create Blog Titles


Blog Titles – What should your blog titles look like ? You want to create interest and dimension to your titles.  Try to keep your words as visual as possible.  Use strong adjectives and be descriptive.  Stats show that numbers work well in posts.  Use the number form in your posts, don’t write out the number in letter form.  Try to think about how people are searching and use “how to” and “what is” in your title to catch a search engines attention.  Keep your message focused and get to the point.  Remember, Google cuts off at 70 characters in searches so make those first 70 characters count if your title is longer !  Happy blogging !

Check out this tool I found,, it will help you build pop up windows along with a whole bunch of other nifty help items.  Let us know what you think, leave feedback on our blog !  and feel free to SHARE this post !