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10 Free Social Media Tools . . . Successful Social Media Tip of the Day

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Social Media can help you reach your target audience, expand your target market and give you a way to measure ROI.  That’s if you know about social media monitoring tools.  You can pay someone to measure your social media success or you can do it yourself !

There are many FREE monitoring tools, here is a sample of ten to try . . .

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Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . New York City and Using Iconosquare Instagram App

A view from on top of the Empire State Building in New York City.  

I was standing at the top of the Empire State Building this week in beautiful weather for this time of year on the Atlantic seacoast looking at the thousands of buildings and people going about their business.  I am always amazed at how many tourists carry iPads and smart phones to take their vacation photos and videos with.  The camera is becoming a thing of the past for the average tourist.  Companies need to realize mobile is where it’s at.  But that’s another blog story. Do you know about Iconosquare and using it to manage your Instagram ? Do you use Instagram to promote your business brand ?  You should.


Empire State Building, New York City in August

Empire State Building, New York City in August

You should be using Instagram for your business. It is another fast growing social media platform that is FREE, easy to use and will share your brand with the world ! You might think Instagram is just to share photos with family and friends but it is fast becoming another social media marketing tool.

Instagram has 200 million users according to Kevin Lee at Buffer.  You can post a maximum of a 15 second video, share photos and can relay to your Facebook account.  It comes with photo filters like the iPhoto app has to easily manipulate your photos.

Using Iconosquare

Use Iconosquare to show you engagement rates and the best time to post on Instagram.  Get your total number of likes and most like photos along with many other analytic info.  Go  to iconosquare.com and sign in with your Instagram credentials.

When you start, Iconosquare will ask you to select a time zone and an email address to send emails to.

After assigning your email, Iconosquare will show you your dashboard. At the top menu bar, the first selection is Viewer.  It  will show you all who you follow and their latest posts.

Next on the menu is Statistics which shows you your likes, followers, comments and your posts.  

Scroll down to see the Stats for the last 7 days and rolling month details.

The next menu item is the Snapshots which allows you to share your photos with your own Instagram community and remember to use a relevant hashtag when you share.  To find a hashtag, go to the snapshot section on Instagram.

The Manage option on the menu bar has the comment tracker and private message section. This is an easy way to keep track of your comments and responses.

The most important selection on the menu bar in dashboard  is Promote – use this feature to add Instagram followers straight to your blog or website by adding a social follow button. This is an awesome way to lead people straight to your brand.  You can also display your Instagram feed through an RSS feed.   

Promote can also show your best  work, promote your hashtags up to 5 hashtags and create a custom tab for a page to show your work.  

The last top page on the menu bar  is Contest.  This shows all of your follower’s contests.  This gives you a learning opportunity to see what and how your fellow Instagram buddies are running their contests.  This is the easiest way to start a contest.  You can start a contest on Facebook but you need many followers and experience to be successful at a Facebook contest.  Instagram is far better a place to start learning what is effective and what works for your business.  And did I mention, its FREE !

Below the top menu bar is another menu bar which features your instagram Feed, your posted work, who you liked, your followers, who follows you and populars.

Using Iconosquare to manage your Instagram account is a awesome way to dive into using Instagram to it’s fullest  potential for you business and keep track of how effective it is to your brand.

Remember, follow the analytics always ! It’s the only way to know how effective your social media platforms are.  If you do, you will have successful social media working for you !



Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . What is Google Ad Words and How to Use Them

Are you looking to grow your on-line business ?  Do you want to attract more customers to your website ?Google AdWords can help people find your business on-line ! If you are already spending money on advertising, why not do it on the web? In order to start using Google AdWords you must first have a Google account.  You can open a Google account for free.  Go to Google.com to do this.

Here is a brief overview of what Google AdWords is and how to start using it today!

To start, go to Google AdWords to open your business account.  It’s free to sign up.  The only time you pay is if somebody clicks on your ad.  You set the budget for your account.   Start off with as little as $10.00 a day.  Google will measure each campaign and let you know how many clicks on Keywords you had by sending you monthly stats.   Use AdWords to target a local area only or a worldwide audience.  Google also allows starting or stoping your campaign whenever you want.

After have signing up, it’s time to write your Ad.  This might be tough for some but remember these few key points –

 – Keep in mind your Keywords which should match search words a consumer may use to find your business

 – Know your goal of who are you trying to reach, this will help develop Keywords

 – Using more general Keywords will attract a larger base but will also put you with a lot of competition, using more specific Keywords will narrow the base but may boost potential sales for the particular product or service you are selling

 – Do not over do the Keywords, a good number is between 5 and 20 per ad

 – Make sure you match your ad to your landing page so when consumers go to your website they are familiar with what they are seeing

 – Include all relevant information someone needs to decide if they are interested.  Don’t leave out prices or special offers from your ad that  you may have on your website

 – Let consumers know what makes your business special.  Do you have the most colors, best quality or variety, special shipping ? Let them know

 -Think like your customer and use phrases or words they might be using to search for your business

 – Keep to the point but be descriptive enough to give a full picture

Google AdWords has several different Campaigns you can choose from.  The campaign type determines where consumers will see your ad.  The campaign sub-type determines the types of ads you can design.  Google’s campaign types are based on Google’s advertising network which include Google sites and websites.  

Each Google campaign type offers various options which you can find more information about each campaign in more detail at https://support.google.com/adwords . The three main campaign choices are  “Search Network Only”, “Display Network Only”, and “Search Network with Display Select”.

Next you need to set your budget.  You do this through clicking on the Campaigns tab.  Select your campaign type and scroll down to Budget.  Choose from either an individual daily budget or a shared budget. Be sure the Save.  Be sure to keep monitoring your account to make sure you are not limiting yourself and loosing potential clicks with too low a budget.

There is much more to Google AdWords than you have time to read about here in this post today.  

Try your first campaign with Google AdWords.  Pay attention to their ‘Stats’ and adjust your campaign accordingly.  We would love to hear how it goes !

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