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Do you feel you are always looking for great content or have a hard time keep all your resources where you can easily use them?  There are many social media content marketing tools out there to help unclutter the social media mess that can sometimes build up.  Whether it’s keeping track of tweets or putting together presentations that multiple people need to work on that are in different states,  here are 8  tools to try out.  Most are free.


1. Buzzsumo is a free and paid content marketing app that will help you find the influencers in any topic, track your competitors and show you what the most popular shared content currently is.  For content insights, Buzzsumo will show you the total shares across various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Pinterest. You can apply filters to narrow your search for certain timeframes from 24 hours up to a year.  You can also filter by type of post you are looking for such as videos, info graphics, interviews and more.  Buzzsumo will analyze content performance and show you what is the most popular using Keywords to search topics.

2. Listly is a fun way to compile list on certain subjects.  You can follow other creators lists and create your own list which subscribers can add content to.  The content can be shared and voted on.  Listly is a good way to  keep track of resource lists, track of media publicity for your business and it’s free to sign up.

3. Buffer app will create a queue to let you share articles throughout the day on your social media platforms.  This is great for writing a bunch of posts when you have time and let Buffer spread out the posting.  Buffer  can give your post a short link,  analyze how well your posts are doing and tell you how many have clicked on your links.

4. Prezi is a cloud based app that enables you to give presentations right from your iPad or iPhone.  It is convenient to collaborate with co-workers who might be at another location.  You can manage privacy and sharing abilities.  They do have enhanced image editing and support.  A free trial offer for a month to try it out.  Good for businesses that give many presentations.

5. Ubbersuggest is a Keyword content search tool.  Input your keyword, choose your language and your search options  from the web or specific places such as the News or Videos.   You can keep your searches for later reference.  It’s free to use and can generate many leads for those days you need a little help finding topics.

6.  Gravity crawls and indexes web content and determines relevancy on what is a trending topic.  Gravity will show you content based on what you engage with the most on line to help you find the most shared and popular content. They use page views, social counts and uniques to help accomplish their indexing relevancy.

7. TweetDeck can monitor multiple timelines from you social media platforms.  Use TweetDeck to schedule your tweets, receive alerts for new information or  tweets and use it to create searches on various things like trending topics and hashtags.  Keep track of all your searches and activity in one place and of course, it’s free.

8. MailChimp is a source to get insights about your subscribers social media engagement. Send automated emails and keep records of important conversations.  MailChimp will help you target your email mailings with best send time optimization suggestions and help your analyze your customer base.  MailChimp has a free plan for up to 12,000 emails and 2,000 subscribers.  After that fees will apply.

 So get organized, try these tools to see if they make your social media part of the day a little easier and feel free to share or like this post if you found it useful !


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If you want to promote your product or service using social media, Videos are an excellent way to do this because most social media platforms are visual and a video can easily capture the viewers attention. So you want to do a video but don’t know where to start.

Desolate beauty

Desolate beauty

Here are a few tips to start you off:

1. First you need to define your purpose of your video – is it to sell a product, gain more brand recognition, establish a stronger connection with your customers ? Define and write out this objective so you can refer to it when things start to go off track.

2.  Know what kind of video you want to produce.  Once you have defined the video purpose you can move onto how you want to present that in video format. There are many kinds of videos, you can do a Q & A, testimonials, before & afters, educational, a tutorial, solve a problem, tell a story, present an interview or video about an upcoming event you are having.

3. Know who you are marketing to.  This may seem simple but knowing your customer base is important for sending the right message.   Your video already has your purpose defined, now you need an end goal.  Fill in the blanks to this question of  – if video does this________, then _______ should happen.  An example would be – If  I tell a story of how my business got started and the emotional road which lead to where I am today, then I am appealing to an emotional need of my consumer base that will help me gain more followers on my website.

4.  Use Keywords in the video language.  You can look up Keywords using web tools like and Plan your language carefully. You don’t want to come across rehearsed or to scripted.  Most small business videos are best done when non-professionals appear in them.  People will relate better to you and your business.  Remember, we are talking about Social Media Videos not TV ads.  That’s is entirely a different ball game.

5. Communicate in the first few seconds of your video what it is all about and let people know why they should continue to watch.  Don’t beat around the bush with a lot of wordy phrases.  The more visual and creative you keep your video the longer folks will watch.

6. Keep your video short – between 1 and 2 minutes is a good place to start.  The more traffic and sharing you get for your videos, the longer you can start to make them.

7.  Have a Call to Action – always let the viewer know what you would like them to do after they have watched your video – do you want them to like your page, visit a website, sign up for a newsletter, subscribe to your YouTube channel?  Let them know.  Also, it is important to let viewers know what will happen when they do what your are asking.  For example, don’t surprise or spam people – let them know when they visit your site they can expect to see  __________.  Or if you are looking for followers, you may want to let them know, if you follow, we will follow back or send a coupon, anything that you are planning to do for the folks who supported you.

8. Use Vine or Instagram to quickly and easily post your videos.  You do not need an expensive camera or a studio, iPhones and most smartphones are the easiest way to shoot and share almost immediately.  If you didn’t like your first try, just delete and shoot again.

Remember, Social Media is about sharing positive and useful information which may be letting viewers know about your great product or service.  So when shooting videos, be creative, be visual, be positive and fun.  That is how to get positive results.

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You started a blog and now you want to jazz it up a bit but don’t know where to start. Are you looking to add video or audio to your posts ?  

Here are a few WordPress tips to help you with those features.

Adding Video to your WordPress site – 

 Find the video URL to copy. Most URLs can be found in the reader bar or YouTube for example usually has the video link in a menu below the video. Open up a post in the Editor.  Place your cursor where you would like the video to appear. Paste the link.  Be sure that your video is not hyperlinked.  To tell if your video is hyperlinked see if the ink color of the link is the same as your theme’s ink color.  If it is then it’s hyperlinked. To unlink it, select by highlighting the link then click on the box with the broken chain link in the editor  to unlink the hyperlink. Click Publish and your post should have a playable video embedded in it.  Be sure to check out your post to confirm it works so if a search engine finds your post, it will not find a broken link.

 Adding Audio to your WordPress site -

There are many ways to add audio.  You can use an audio player like Spotify to easily add music to your site.  If you just want to upload a audio file from the Web  go to your Visual Editor.  Insert the word audio with  bracket before it  like this:

http://example.file.wordpress.com2014/mp3 .  Next insert the URL and put an end bracket on last.

A soundtrack player bar sound appear in your post.  If you don’t have a flash player installed then the direct download link will be displayed instead. To loop your track add more short code of |loop = yes before the end bracket like this:


Embedding a Playlist into your Sidebar -

To do this, go to the Dashboard,  Appearance menu then widgets.  Add the Music Player widget into a widget space. Click on your audio link or upload from your audio files in your library.

To edit the songs titles or any information about an audio track, go to your Media Library to make any changes.

If your screen is blank when you try to add songs to the music player widget, try disabling the Accessibility Mode.  You can find this in the Appearance – widgets – click on the Screen Options tab in upper right hand corner and then click Disable Accessibility Mode.  Go back and try adding your song again.

By adding sound and video you can really customize your website or blog and show your creative side.

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Recently I saw a business person ask this question in a Social Media LinkedIn Group “What can I use Pinterest for

in business, honestly I can’t think of a single way to use it . . .  

Well, here are a few tip to using Pinterest for your business.



Pinterest is a free social media platform in which you have a profile and can show your business website in the profile which is displayed at the top of the page above your boards.  Yes, Pinterest is like having a big board in which you pin things and ideas you like.  If you think Pinterest is only good for baby pictures and bridal shower ideas, WRONG !

When used to it’s max, Pinterest is like free advertising .  Especially now since Pinterest has added the feature of being able to message your followers and specific groups of pinners.  You can also add your business logo to pins.

To understand the value of Pinterest, you must understand its use. Pinterest is a visual social media platform so for businesses that have products to showcase, it’s a win-win.  But every business can find some value in it.  Pinterest  is easy to learn and easy to use.

Start off with building your profile. Use a photo which relates to your brand, it can be your business logo, product or yourself. Be sure the photo is of good quality. Make sure you utilize all the space in the profile, it’s not a lot of space so be specific and on point with the message you want visitors to see. Use  some of that profile space  to go to listing important URLs for your other social media platforms such as your website, blog or even LinkedIn if you are a service business such as a attorney office. Always check your URL to make sure the link works.

Next, develop 5 boards to start with.  You don’t need to go crazy pinning but you do need to have a point to the board and be consistent with the content.  If you have an internet only business, use one board to display your products.  Make sure you include prices on the pins and your business logo if you have one.  Use your product photos from your website.  Now check your website out – every product should have a PIN button so visitors can PIN your product to their own boards.

Besides your product board, have a couple of fun boards that relate to your product.  If you sell phone cases for example, have a board with tech gadgets or a DYI craft board.  The more colorful and fun you make your boards, the more followers you will develop.

Pinterest is about community, a give and take of ideas and exchanges which can result in the sale of your product.  Even if you do to have a ‘product’, Pinterest is still valuable.  For example, Successful Social Media is on Pinterest.  We feature boards with different social media platform and info graphics.  So someone interested in learning about Instagram or Twitter, I can refer them to one of our boards on Pinterest to find valuable information to help them understand a particular social media platform.  Pinterest is also a great way to find like minded souls.  I have met many other social media businesses and consultants through Pinterest that it could be considered a Networking source for service type businesses.

Even the local storefront business can use Pinterest in unique ways.  They can start a community board which features local events and happening around their town.  Visitors will learn they can count on your Pinterest to see and find out about the latest community events.

Remember Pinterest around the holidays !  Consumers are always on the lookout for the best holiday recipe to impress their in-laws at Thanksgiving.  New Years Eve and the 4th of July, add a Fireworks board.  Many are looking for photos of fireworks around those holidays to put on invitations or simply to Pin themselves.  Not only are fireworks eye catching and colorful, when they get re-pinned, your company name will now be circulated to a whole new audience.

Be interested in your followers.  Check out their boards and re-pin pins that are useful to you.  You might get inspiration for a new board of your own!  Follow other companies you may want to do business with.

Keep in mind, the goal of Pinterest is to share your product and be social.  The more you pin, the more creative ways you will think of to use Pinterest.

Feel free to contact Successful Social Media for assistance in setting up your Pinterest account for free !

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SEO stands for search engine optimization.  If you have a website or blog, knowing a little bit about SEO will be a benefit in aiding of the design and content for your site.  Google is a top indexer on the web at this time.  Here are a few things to know:


Each time someone does a web search, the search engine, such as Google will pull up the most relevant information to match that search.  Here is how Google indexes for the web.

Google has little spiders or bots, they call them Googlebots.  These Googlebots crawl out on the web, over billions of pages. They use an algorithm process to determine which sites to crawl too.  When they discover new or updated pages, it will look for links on the pages and add them to the list of pages to crawl on Google’s  Sitemap.

Google does have tools such as AdWords but it will not use that to find pages.  All this searching is used to update the Google index.

After finding your page, Google will index it.  This is a process which will put every word on your page and its location in an index. Keywords and key content tags like Title tags will rank higher in the indexing process.

Google uses over 200 attributes when a search inquiry is made. One of the most important attribute is Page Rank.  Page Rank shows the relevancy of your page to Google.  The way to increase your page ranking is to have links from other websites link back to your site.   Google does not rate all links as equal and Google is good at identifying spam and other negative practices so they give  searchers  the best results possible.

One of the way Google does this is with the Google Autocomplete is a tool  that helps searchers save time by doing several things.  It will automatically correct misspelled words, save past poplar search inquiries and will display common terms relevent to the search. Why is this important to you ?

Google’s web crawlers or Googlebots use the keywords generated by the Autocomplete features. If your page ranks high, it is because the Google algorithm determined your content relates to their keyword in a more relevant way than other sites.  This is a good thing, a very good thing to achieve.

There are many things you can do to improve your chances of ranking higher and being indexed by Google.  Here are just a few to note.

1. When  your website is ready, you can submit a site map go Google.  Why do this ?

A site map will help Google know all your pages and URLs on your site which might not be uncovered by Google in the regular web crawl process. This is particular helpful if your site is new.  It will allow Google to rank you much faster.

2. Make sure your content is of quality information.  It should be clear, useful and accurate.  Double check for grammar errors and misspellings.

3. Check for broken links.  Google doesn’t like that.  Remember, some links can go bad, so plan a quick weekly review of site links.

4. Chart out your site so it makes sense in a hierarchy. If you use dynamic pages, do not use to many.  Search engines like static pages better.

5. Test your site in different browsers  to make sure it works the same in every browser.

6. Make sure your site load time is optimal.  Google will not show you in search results if your pages take too much time to load.

7.  Use Google’s robots.txt to make sure advertisements are not affecting search engine rankings.

8. Avoid tricks to try to boost ranking.  Be yourself on your website, this is the best way to show your value and it is an honest way to have useful and engaging content.

Knowing a little SEO can go a long way in assisting your web efforts.

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Successsful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . New Pinterest Features

Have you heard  – Pinterest has added new features so you can interact with your followers and pins !  


This exciting new feature is an awesome way to have a conversation with your customers.  The value this will add to your business on Pinterest is amazing.  If you don’t use Pinterest now in your social media marketing, you should start !

According to Pinterest, over 2 million pins are sent around the world in a day !  Now Pinterest has added the capability of engaging with someone through your pin.  You can send a message or reply to a message.  Use this new feature to send messages to groups of your followers or for project management within your company.

Pinterest sites an example of Bertungspuzzle, Stefan Buhler, founder says “If a customer wants me to create a logo for them, I just send them a link to my 100 log0s board.  They can look through it and write me that they like the font from number 60, or the colors from number 25 and so on.  That way it’s easier for me to understand the style they want and my customers see what I can do.”

Pinterest got it right with this new resource, now  your business can communicate directly to the consumer using Pinterest.   For more information about this feature go to Pinterest

If you want more from Pinterest, investigate their Tool section.  Among other tools under this menu you have the widget builder, Rich Pins, Pin it Button, Promoted Pins and your analytics.  

What are these tools?

Pinterest has made it super easy to put a Pin button on your website or blog anywhere you want it.  Just click on  the widget menu under the Tool section and you will see their Build It menu.

First choose your button type : one image, any image or image hover.

Next is appearance – small or large, the shape, color and language you want the word Pin to be displayed in.

You can choose to show the Pin count if you like.  Finish up the process by adding in your URL and the image URL then click on the Build It button and it will appear just where you want it.

Another great tool is the Rich Pins.  A Rich Pin is a pin that includes information about itself right on the pin.  

The 5 types of Rich Pins are recipe, article, product, movie and place.

1. Use the Recipe Rich Pin to add ingredients and cooking information to your pin.

2. Article Rich Pins help pinners find events and stories they are interested in.  You can include headlines and story descriptions with this Rich Pin.

3. A Product Rich Pin may include where pincers can purchase a product and real-time pricing information.

4. The Movie Rich Pin help pinners find out information about new movies, ratings and actor information.

5. Place Rich Pins can help visitors  find you by including information of an address, phone and map of the area. A great feature for businesses in busy urban areas.

Rich Pins do need to be set up with Meta Tags on your website and you need to apply to Pinterest to get them but well worth investigating. Depending on your business find out which Rich Pin will benefit you most by asking a social media consultant in your area or talk with other business owners if they have any experience using Rich Pins.  Another source would be businesses on Pinterest using the Rich Pins.

Learn about Pinterest success stories on the Pinterest website to give you insight and inspiration for how to best use Pinterest as a social media marketing platform for your brand. 

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