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Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . How can Content Marketing help your business?

Everyone is talking about Content Marketing.  What is content marketing and how can you use it to help your business grow?

Content marketing is marketing in which you create media to share through social media channels to help gain a boarder customer base.

You do not have to be a marketing person to create a content marketing plan for your business. Start off simple using your social media platforms to create interesting  and useful content your customers will want to share.

How do you come up with a content marketing plan?

To start with you must decide what your goal is.  This will help narrow your content choices to post. Decide what types  of marketing visuals  you are comfortable using.  Visual content includes  videos, podcasts, info graphics and e-books to share.  Don’t worry about being super creative. With so many web based tools out there today  to help, it is much easier to create graphic material than you may realize.

Next decide what social media platforms would suit your business the best.  You may not know this at first so try different platforms and pay attention to the analytics.  Some social media platforms have there own built in analytics or ‘stats’ like WordPress. If not, sign up for Google analytics which is an excellent source to show you what content is working for you and what content isn’t.  You cannot possibly know this information without looking at your Stats.

Most people know about the social media platforms of Twitter and Facebook.  There are many more that are gaining popularity especially in certain demographic areas such as Tumblr with younger audiences, Flicker, Pinterest and don’t forget about YouTube. Many an entrepreneur have started out on YouTube.

The most successful content marketing is consistent with a high quality of reliable information that is useful to viewers in solving  problems or just plain good to know stuff!

For an example of content marketing lets say you own a local consignment store which sells mostly clothes and accessories.  Your content marketing may consist of posts that feature helpful hints to organize your closet, how to pick the right colors to wear or feature fashion trends for the upcoming season.  Once you find your post, use your social media accounts to post to.  Start a Pinterest board featuring vintage clothing and your helpful tips.   You could also create Pinterest boards for customers to Pin.  Encourage viewers to Like or Share your content.  Make sure if you blog to add social share button for viewers to share your post.

Don’t forget about seasonal holidays and local events to include in your social media content marketing plan. Learn how to use hashtags to maximize your impact on Twitter.  

Content marketing is a great tool for all businesses to utilize, especially if you are just starting out and have little or no advertising budget.  You don’t need big bucks to create a larger presence with social media.  Your content marketing should be helpful, fun and social to put your business out there in the world to compete with the big guys.



Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . How to Post a Pin from Pinterest in your WordPress Blog


Have you wanted to take a Pin from your Pinterest boards and post it to your blog?  It is quick and easy to do if you know how.  

Here is a How  To in 10 Easy Steps - 

1. Go to your Pinterest board and find the Pin you want to post on your blog

2. Click on the Pin then click on the box near top right of Pin with the pencil in it

3. You will see the URL down at the bottom of the Pin

4. Copy the URL by using Control C or through the Copy option from your Edit menu

5. Go to your blog and start a new post

6.  Type your Post Title and post. When you are ready to insert Pin link, click on the Add Media box on left side of Post page

7. Before you insert your link make sure to leave your cursor where you want the link to appear in your post

8. Click on the Insert from URL

9. Paste your URL into the box using Control V or the Paste option from your Edit menu

10. Click Insert Into Post on bottom right side of screen


And Bravo ! You have added your Pin to your WordPress blog post !

Try it out !  Please retweet and share this if you found it to be useful !!

Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . How to Get Pinterest Optimization

Pinterest is fun and fascinating and a FREE valuable social media tool for your business.  Use Pinterest to show the human side of you and your business.  You can promote your special products and services along with sharing information to others.  Be careful, don’t shamelessly promote you and not get the side of social media people love, which is free sharing of ideas and information.  There are techniques that you can use to get the most out of Pinterest.  We will share a few today.

1. Use a Keyword in the beginning of the Pin description  - Pins that have the keyword early in description show up on top

2. Put a Hashtag in your Pin description – but do not put # in your board titles and account information

3. Repins matter – the number of repins you get can bring your Pin to the top 

4. Make it easy for Pinterest to find you – take your file name directly from your website to help search results

5. Use exact word words for key matching words – if someone is searching for ceiling fans, use the exact words so people can find your Pin.


For other great Pinterest advice check out Vincent Ng at

Successful Social Media Tip of the Day..Why Should You Use Pinterest for Your Business?

<strong>>Using Pinterest for your business – Pinterest is a free social media platform where you can show your products, work samples and share visually what you have to offer.  It isn’t all about pushing products though.  Mixing business with interests your target audience may share will help you gain board followers and help you develop your Pinterest platform.  Create boards that have titles which will spark interest but do not title your boards with some so far out phrase visitors won’t understand what your board is showcasing.  

To get the most out of Pinterest here are 7 tips to help get you started:




  1.  When deciding on your Pinterest profile photo, and you should have one, make it match your branding on your website or blog so visitors will not be confused if you are one in the same. Remember, Pinterest is a visual social media tool.
  2. Pay attention to your cover image for each board you create.  Use the most eye catching pin and a pin that best explains what the board is all about.

  3. Be sure to include all your social media platforms in the profile section at the top.  For example, if you are on Twitter, make sure you have the Twitter icon in your profile and make sure you link it to your Twitter account.  You can link it in the account settings and click on social networks. Here you will see Facebook, Twitter and google accounts that you can link to your Pinterest account.

  4. Make sure you choose which notifications you wish to receive from Pinterest. In settings you can choose if you would like Pinterest to notify every time a visitor pins or once a week receive a report.

  5. Don’t forget the analytics. Pinterest has anaylitics for business accounts. Hover over your name and you should see the analytics box underneath settings. Here is where you link your website to your Pinterest account.

  6. Make sure you add a unique profile description by clicking on the pencil in profile box, the same box where your profile photo is. This is what will let visitors know what your product or service is. /p>

  7. Always make sure you check out anything you plan to pin to make sure it is what you think it is. Never pin without looking at the pin.

These are just a few tips to help you get started. Pinterest can be a positive addition to all your other marketing and social media platforms to reach your target audience in a visual way. Happy Pinning !!

Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . Tuesday, How to Use Pinterest with your Blog

Blue Road

Blue Road


The Pinterest social network is far reaching.  More than you may know.  Make sure to have a Pin social share button on your Blog.  You can add this by going to Settings and Sharing page.  If you have the Pin share button, make sure you Pin your content from your Blog.  By using the Pin It Button, every single one of your pins will include a Link back to the source.  This means that Pinners can encounter your content and link back to visit your Webpage or Blog with just one click.  Keep your Pinterest boards on topic and try to follow a theme.  Follow boards of users that you would want to follow you back.  Using Pinterest can help establish your brand.  Try to remember your target audience and come up with content that will be helpful and may offer solutions to your audiences problem.  Content is about starting conversations not just campaign marketing.  Depending on your product or service, color boards are often interesting and fun to follow.  The average Pinterest visitor that will look at a board may browse up to about 200 to 300 Pins.  After that interest level goes down. A board with 10,000 Pin may be impressive at first but when visitors start to browse through your Pins chances are they will be onto something else by Pin number 250.  Break the board up into categories and create several boards not just one big one.  Use Pinterest to your advantage and Happy Pinning !


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