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Do you who Eli the Computer Guy is ?  That’s ok if you don’t.  He has a YouTube Tech Blog with tons of awesome information.  Here is his recent YouTube video on .  This is a very cool app that you can use with all your mobile devices and how they interact to save you time.

Click on the link  to view his YouTube video.  I wanted to embed the video in the post so you don’t have to click on the link but I think this will be my next blog post – How to embed videos on your blog !!

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Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . What is Google Ad Words and How to Use Them

Are you looking to grow your on-line business ?  Do you want to attract more customers to your website ?Google AdWords can help people find your business on-line ! If you are already spending money on advertising, why not do it on the web? In order to start using Google AdWords you must first have a Google account.  You can open a Google account for free.  Go to to do this.

Here is a brief overview of what Google AdWords is and how to start using it today!

To start, go to Google AdWords to open your business account.  It’s free to sign up.  The only time you pay is if somebody clicks on your ad.  You set the budget for your account.   Start off with as little as $10.00 a day.  Google will measure each campaign and let you know how many clicks on Keywords you had by sending you monthly stats.   Use AdWords to target a local area only or a worldwide audience.  Google also allows starting or stoping your campaign whenever you want.

After have signing up, it’s time to write your Ad.  This might be tough for some but remember these few key points -

 - Keep in mind your Keywords which should match search words a consumer may use to find your business

 - Know your goal of who are you trying to reach, this will help develop Keywords

 - Using more general Keywords will attract a larger base but will also put you with a lot of competition, using more specific Keywords will narrow the base but may boost potential sales for the particular product or service you are selling

 - Do not over do the Keywords, a good number is between 5 and 20 per ad

 - Make sure you match your ad to your landing page so when consumers go to your website they are familiar with what they are seeing

 - Include all relevant information someone needs to decide if they are interested.  Don’t leave out prices or special offers from your ad that  you may have on your website

 - Let consumers know what makes your business special.  Do you have the most colors, best quality or variety, special shipping ? Let them know

 -Think like your customer and use phrases or words they might be using to search for your business

 - Keep to the point but be descriptive enough to give a full picture

Google AdWords has several different Campaigns you can choose from.  The campaign type determines where consumers will see your ad.  The campaign sub-type determines the types of ads you can design.  Google’s campaign types are based on Google’s advertising network which include Google sites and websites.  

Each Google campaign type offers various options which you can find more information about each campaign in more detail at . The three main campaign choices are  “Search Network Only”, “Display Network Only”, and “Search Network with Display Select”.

Next you need to set your budget.  You do this through clicking on the Campaigns tab.  Select your campaign type and scroll down to Budget.  Choose from either an individual daily budget or a shared budget. Be sure the Save.  Be sure to keep monitoring your account to make sure you are not limiting yourself and loosing potential clicks with too low a budget.

There is much more to Google AdWords than you have time to read about here in this post today.  

Try your first campaign with Google AdWords.  Pay attention to their ‘Stats’ and adjust your campaign accordingly.  We would love to hear how it goes !

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Google on Folks !


Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . SEO Optimization Tips for a WordPress Blog

Everyone wants SEO optimization of course but how do you get your blog to be noticed by Google’s little spiders ?  Google isn’t the only search engine out there to optimize for but it is the most used. There are a few things to know about SEO and Google.

 - When someone starts a search, they type in a few key words.  Google then checks its index and displays the first 10 sites with that topic.  

 - Google is constantly changing its algorithms so you can’t figure out how the spiders decide what to index but there are a few things that can help you with your SEO optimization with Google.

 - Spiders like to crawl so make sure your site doesn’t have any broken links which will make it more difficult to index.  Check your links on a regular basis to make sure your links are working correctly.  Things happen and links that may have worked at one time could need an update.

 - Your site title should have Keywords in it that relate to what you are trying to do.  A Keyword is a word that could make a match in the Google Search Engine database and make your chances to come up higher in a search greater.

 - Spelling and grammar need to be correct and free of typos.  Before you publish, check, re-check and then check again before you hit that button.  It may take a little more time but it could help your SEO if you correct an error before it hits the internet.

 - Google looks for pages that are helpful and interesting.  They do this by recording how long a visitor stays on your page and how many pages of the site they actually visit and if they share your content on other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

 - Be specific when writing your post.  The more you can narrow down what you are trying to write about the easier it will be to optimize.  For example, if you are selling baby clothes and you want your website to come up in a Google search, that is a very broad search term and your chances of coming up in the search will be next to impossible unless you are a known name brand.  Try narrowing it down from ‘baby clothes’ to ‘the Designer name, size 7 pink dresses.  This will help you come up higher in searches  using Keywords.

Mastering SEO is a way you can help your business site attract more of the customer base you need in order to succeed!  Don’t forget your Google analytics.  Check out your stats to see what is working for you.  It’s free, all you need to do is activate a Google account to get your Google stats.  

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Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . Using Trending Topics




You have heard the term Trending Topics before.  To be successful with your social media you should be aware of the day’s trending topics in your field.  Three sources for these are Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter is easy to see the trending topics.  Twitter runs a topic feed on left hand side of the page.  Twitter trends can change rapidly and make it hard to follow what’s really trending.  Follow the current news or major events happening and see where the Twitter conversation is before you decide it’s a trend.  Twitter trends show what is being talked about not what  the most popular things people are searching for so be aware of that difference.

Google+ has a What’s Hot section for trends on Google+.  The difference with Google+ is you have to search for a trend first and then Google+ will show the posts that are getting the most shares and comments.  This is nice because you can search for a topic you think may be relevant to your marketing strategy and find out what’s trending with that topic.

Trending Topics are important to your social media marketing plan.  In order to be successful in social media, you should be aware of what is trending in your industry and in life in general.  What’s hot today may not be tomorrow so stay on top with these 3 resources and you will be glad you did. 

Check out for more information on social media topics !

Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . 10 Good SEO Terms to Know

If you Blog or have a website you need to know about SEO.  SEO is Search Engine Optimization which is a process of optimizing your pages so they appear in web searches.  There are many SEO terms to know so we will just start with 10.  First, you need to know that SEO is one of the two sections of SEM which stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEM is marketing products and services through search engines. SEO and PPC are the two sections of SEM. PPC  stands for Pay Per Click which is purchasing clicks from search engines from sponsored listings.  Now that you understand that, here are 10 terms to know - 

1. Web Crawler – is a spider that goes out into the internet to browse for Search Engines and hopefully comes up with new web pages and links for the Search Engine to index.

2. Cloaking – this is the process of showing different content to search engines and people all from the same  web page. The reason for doing this is to get the page ranked for certain keywords and then use incoming traffic to promote unrelated services or products.  This is considered ‘spamming’. Not a good thing to be doing.

3. Backlink – is a hyperlink on another website directing back to your website. This has influence on search rankings and it important for your SEO.

4. Page Rank – this is what Google uses to gage the importance of a page.  This algorithm measures the link from one page to another and the more links you have gives the page more value deeming it trustworthy and therefore important.

5. Linkbait – this is when content on websites or blogs try to attract as many backlinks so it can to improve it’s own search ranking. 

6. Title Tag – This is your websites title which is extremely important to Google’s search algorithm.  You should have keywords in it.  You can see any web page title tag at the top of your browser.

7. Meta Tags – These are within the HTML code and tell search engines more detail than the title tag about your page content.

8. SERP – stands for Search Engine Results Page and this the page Google shows you when you are doing any search. This is important to your ranking in the SERPs and will determine the amount of traffic your site will receive.

9. Keywords – these are words that search engines use to index and rank content from the tiny little spiders or bots that are out there doing the heavy work.

10. Anchor Text – is text of backlinks that are clickable on your web page.  Keyword Anchor Text will help your SEO because it  helps  Google make the connection of keywords from your content and associate it with your website.

There are many more important terms when it comes to SEO but knowing a few basic ones helps get you started in the right direction. 

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Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . What is Buzzsumo?


Marshfield Atlantic Ocean in Mass, USA


Buzzsumo is an awesome social media tool to find influencers and see what social media content is being shared.  You can do amazing things on Buzzsumo.  You can sign up for FREE.  Let me tell you about my experience on Buzzsumo and some of the things you can expect to find when you use this amazing app !  This is fantastic for tracking data for your customers.  You can see who shared popular content, identify links shared by influencers, identify most shared content for a domain. If you have a client who wants to know what type of content people are wanting to read about a particular industry you can go to the “Top Content” section and type in the search box the type of industry you want to search content for and filter by date, period or type of article.

You can export your search data to excel. Buzzsumo also allows you to search specific types of content such as info graphics, guest blogs and interviews. A typical search to use “Top Content” for example will first show you the article title then it will have a view sharers button and share button.  Next it will tell you the  amount of Google+ shares, Facebooks Likes, Linkedin Shares, Twitter Shares and the total shares.

Like “Top Content” the Buzzsumo, their “Influencers” search will show you top influencers for a topic you enter.  First you will see their Gravatar and name.  Under their name you will see what they are being catagorized for like a blogger, influencer, journalist and the list can go on.  Next you have a column that has buttons for which you can add them to your list, follow them on social media or viewed shared links.  I think this is the most unique and valuable feature of Buzzsumo.  What a way to create and work with your influencer list ! Next you see a short description of who they are.  Following that you have counters which will show you their Page Authority, Page Rank, Followers, retweet ratios and reply ratios so you can see how responsive your influencer may be to you.

You can take a quick tour of what Buzzsumo does.  I found it easy to use, you can resort searches to fit your needs and it’s awesome you can save you search results.

Let us know what you think.  I have no professional affiliation with Buzzsumo, just think it’s an awesome social media metrics tool.    Visit for more information. Happy Social Media Searching !


Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . Thursday, How to Create Your Brand

Creating your on-line presence may seem like an impossible task when you are just starting.   There are many ways to start.  First, be consistent with your message and know who your target audience is.   Stay on point with your topic to keep engagement of your viewers or followers.  You must also be authentic, people like to see the human side to the social media brand you are trying to create.  Join on-line groups where you can meet others with like interests and social media questions that need answers.  Seek out influencers so you can engage the people who have the most influence in your industry.  By staying in touch with the influencers, you may pick up on trends and ideas just starting to get out in the marketplace.  Try to use Keywords and  Phrases that people will be searching for on Google. Networking is a must, it’s social media right ?  So be social !  Last but not least, analyze your analytics.  Learn how Google analytics works.  There are many free analytic programs out there on the Web so experiment and find the one that best suits the needs of your social media profile.  Know what you are trying to accomplish and set goals for your on-line presence.   You can do it !   So be consistent, identify your goals, know your target audience, identify which social media platforms are working best for you  and make sure you are analyzing your analytics.  Happy Creating !



Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . .Friday, What’s important for SEO



Searching the deep SEO sea

Searching the deep SEO sea

Do you consider ranking when posting to a blog? Content creation that gets noticed by search engine’s spiders is key to success of ranking.  When writing a blog post think about the target audience using key words for that audience.  The search engine spiders also look for key words or phrases.  Exact matches with key words for the question people are searching for will appear in search engines even if it is from a blog and not a website.  Consider your in-bound and out-bound link activity.  When a link is shared in social media, such as Google+, the content can be indexed by the search engine faster. Keep your social media accounts active and have quality content that is hopefully shared on a regular basis is key for SEO.  Monitor  ranking numbers and know what Key Words are working for your site.  Search engines also look at your past history, your social media platforms and the sites you have visited.  Make sure to include relevant links to sources you have used to create your content.  Keep in mind your target audience when creating content. Try to be engaging using visual language that will either  help solve a problem, answer questions or  provides some value to your target audience.   This will increase the chances of your link being shared and will boost your SEO.  Happy SEO and it’s finally Friday !!  Check out for more on the subject. 

Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . Thursday, What is a meta tag?

Meta tag – What is it and what should you know about it ?  A meta tag is a coding statement using HTML.  HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.  The word Meta from the Greek can mean after, along with, among, beyond or behind.  The meta tag describes an aspect of the contents in a particular Web page. Search engines like Yahoo use the meta tag to index pages so people searching for that information are able to find it.  The meta tag is positioned next to the top of the HTML in a Web page and is part of the heading.  There are different types of meta tags.  The most important ones to know about are KEYWORDS and DESCRIPTION meta tags.  KEYWORDS meta tag is a list of phrases or words the describe contents on a Web page.  DESCRIPTION meta tag uses sentences for description on what is on a Web page.  You can view your page’s meta tags by right clicking anywhere on the page and click”view page source” or “view source”.   While some search engines, like Google have devalued meta keyword tags, alternative engines still give them heavy weight.  So remember, META TAGS are important, they determine how Search Engines index your Web pages.   For more information on Meta Tags check out WordStream at .  Happy Blogging !


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