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You have a business and have started a blog or maybe have a blog page on your business website.  You are not sure what to do now but you are interested in using Social Media to help market your brand or service.

The first thing you need to do is link all your social media accounts to your blog.  In WordPress, the feature is called Publicize.  This is listed under the Publish menu.  Click on Publicize to add and delete the sites you want your content linked to.

The benefit of linking social media sites is it can help you develop a large following.  Let’s look at Facebook first. If you already have a personal Facebook account, add your blog links to your account so friends can visit your website or blog. This will give them an opportunity to share with their friends who might share again and so on.  This can give your business a following fast.

Tumblr is another good source to share content on.  Tumblr actually allows you to use Tags on keywords so people searching will find your content if you have the right keywords. Remember, every time someone reflags your post, a whole new audience is getting a chance to see your content and reblog it again !

Millions use Twitter everyday to look for anything and everything.  When using Twitter, make sure you use a hashtag in the tweet.  Hashtags are what people use to search for content.  Also, try to talk about topics which are currently trending.  Let’s say you have a retail flower shop, you wouldn’t want to talk about summer gardening tips in December.  Instead post content on holiday decorating ideas or how to winterize outdoor plantings.

Pinterest is another great way to show your personal side to your business and show your products at the same time. Create boards with interesting titles, have some fun boards as well. Pinterest is a totally visual social media experience so make it count.  If you sell pool supplies, have a board with exotic waterways and eye catching waterfalls. You can intersperse your product in between your beautiful visuals that people will hopefully Pin to their boards.  Any Pin you make, your name and  ID will be attached to it so when people re-Pin it, your name gets floater with it!

Other ways to attract a following in social media is to follow through on your followers.  What does that mean?  Take note of who has followed you on all your social media platforms, not just Twitter and see if they have relevance to what you are trying to do. Interact with them by following back, sharing or liking their content.

Quick Tip – If you have someone follow you on Twitter, check to see if they are on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr or LinkedIn or any other social media sites you have.  This will help you build your audience in all of your social media platforms at the same time.

Get involved with your Analytics.  The data doesn’t lie. If you wrote content that got the most shared responses you may want to follow up with another post along the same content idea.

Makes sure to follow other blogs so you can share links.  Finding popular blogs and following them could lead to a link to you being shared and having that blog population give you the broad exposure you are looking for.

Last but certainly not least, Don’t give up! Don’t ever give up!  You need to keep posting content, fine tune your message and keep your social media platforms relevant.  Keep reading your Stats to know when you are reaching people and when you are not.  This will help you become successful at marketing your business using Social Media !

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Instagram is fast becoming the social media platform of choice for many and when it comes to your business, Instagram can be a very lucrative means to sell your product.  Like many social media platforms, Instagram is free, of course, easy to learn and use, plus you can use it to post to all your social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook.

We will get into how to use Instagram and some business tips when using Instagram but first an example of what Instagram can do for small businesses.

I was reading in my local Sunday paper “The Daily News” about a salon that put a picture on Instagram of new hair extension product they are selling.  It was such a hit for co-owner Miranda Plater of Limelight Extensions, that she said this one photo generated about $10,000 in new sales for her business.

Instagram can help drive your sales and develop your brand.  Currently Instagram has over 200 million users worldwide.

So, lets get started with setting up an account.  Follow these simple steps to start:

1. open up the Instagram app

2. click on the sign up button on the bottom of the page to create your account using your email address.

3. Next choose to import friends from your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or your contact list.

4.  Now choose your method of sharing – do you want to share with everyone or just a few selected people ?

5.  Learn about the Tabs -

Feed Tab – Use this tab to scroll through posts by the users you are following.

Popular Tab – learn what is gaining the attention of others on Instagram.

News Tab – when your photo gets a comment, liked or you gain a new follower, your News Tab will show you this data.

Profile Tab – use this to see all of your uploaded photos, a list of your followers and who you are following, edit your profile and add or delete your social networks under the “Edit sharing settings”.

If you like a photo on Instagram you can show your interest by pressing the heart shaped button under a photo or double tap on the image.


Now a few tips for using Instagram to sell your product:

1.  If you are just starting out, try to balance photos with fun photos mixed in with your product photos to gain followers.  Using just your product photos may not attract many but a picture of a cute animal may.

2. Follow your followers back.  This may seem like simple advice.  You follow your Twitter followers so don’t ignore your Instagram followers !

3. Use filters to change the look of your photos.  Try out different filters for different effects.

4.  Develop a plan to post on a regular basis so you get into the ‘feed’.

5.  Engage with other by commenting on photos you like and use hashtags.

6. Know the facts!  You need to know how you are doing so use a analytic tool to track your progress. Curalate is one tool which can track Instagram post’s  likes, comments and see how it has added followers for you.

How do you actually post a photo to Instagram ?

When you open the Instagram app, down at the bottom in the center is a square with a blue circle inside it. Press this and you will see your camera and your camera roll.  Take a photo or choose your photo from your camera roll. Next you see the Tools section.  Here is where you can put a filter on the photo and make alterations.  All the tools are in this section.  You can do just as much photo alteration in this tool section  as you can in a IPhoto app.  When you are done, press next at top right hand side of screen.  This will bring you to the Followers Share page.  This is where you title your photo, decide who you are going to share it with, add a map location if you would like and tag people.  When you are done press the share button and your photo has been posted on Instagram.  It’s that easy.

Instagram can be your next best social media selling tool if you use it the right way.  Your business will benefit, your brand will benefit and you will be successfully using social media to increase sales.  Try it out !

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Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . How can Content Marketing help your business?

Everyone is talking about Content Marketing.  What is content marketing and how can you use it to help your business grow?

Content marketing is marketing in which you create media to share through social media channels to help gain a boarder customer base.

You do not have to be a marketing person to create a content marketing plan for your business. Start off simple using your social media platforms to create interesting  and useful content your customers will want to share.

How do you come up with a content marketing plan?

To start with you must decide what your goal is.  This will help narrow your content choices to post. Decide what types  of marketing visuals  you are comfortable using.  Visual content includes  videos, podcasts, info graphics and e-books to share.  Don’t worry about being super creative. With so many web based tools out there today  to help, it is much easier to create graphic material than you may realize.

Next decide what social media platforms would suit your business the best.  You may not know this at first so try different platforms and pay attention to the analytics.  Some social media platforms have there own built in analytics or ‘stats’ like WordPress. If not, sign up for Google analytics which is an excellent source to show you what content is working for you and what content isn’t.  You cannot possibly know this information without looking at your Stats.

Most people know about the social media platforms of Twitter and Facebook.  There are many more that are gaining popularity especially in certain demographic areas such as Tumblr with younger audiences, Flicker, Pinterest and don’t forget about YouTube. Many an entrepreneur have started out on YouTube.

The most successful content marketing is consistent with a high quality of reliable information that is useful to viewers in solving  problems or just plain good to know stuff!

For an example of content marketing lets say you own a local consignment store which sells mostly clothes and accessories.  Your content marketing may consist of posts that feature helpful hints to organize your closet, how to pick the right colors to wear or feature fashion trends for the upcoming season.  Once you find your post, use your social media accounts to post to.  Start a Pinterest board featuring vintage clothing and your helpful tips.   You could also create Pinterest boards for customers to Pin.  Encourage viewers to Like or Share your content.  Make sure if you blog to add social share button for viewers to share your post.

Don’t forget about seasonal holidays and local events to include in your social media content marketing plan. Learn how to use hashtags to maximize your impact on Twitter.  

Content marketing is a great tool for all businesses to utilize, especially if you are just starting out and have little or no advertising budget.  You don’t need big bucks to create a larger presence with social media.  Your content marketing should be helpful, fun and social to put your business out there in the world to compete with the big guys.



Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . Using Social Media for your Business

Let me guess, you have heard of Facebook and Twitter and maybe even Pinterest. Which social media platforms are you going to get the most out of for your particular business and are you using these platforms in the right way ?

Most social media platforms you have heard of are free but you need to invest your time into them to get results. In order to be succeed with social media, you must be organized, have a clear focus on what you want to say and respond to your community. Here are 10 top tips to get you started.

1. List all your social media accounts and develop a posting calendar so all accounts are kept up to date with no large gaps in time between posting to any of your accounts.

2. When sharing content, make it useful so visitors will want to share with others. Make sure you have social share buttons on all websites and blogs so the content can be easily shared.

3. Respond to all feedback, both positive and negative. Be respectful and if the feedback is negative, this could be a potential moment to learn or gain a new customer by engaging with them.

4. Follow what your industry influencers are sharing and comment on their blogs or pages.

5. Try different social media platforms besides the big 3. Tumblr,Vine and Instagram have gained popularity and the sharing influence of these tools could have enormous potential for your products.

6. Follow back your followers, share or retweet their content which is relevant to what your focus is.

7. Be transparent by showing who you are. Feature team members, showcase a product and a story on how you make that product.

8. Keep your message simple and build trust with followers by being consistent in the message you want to deliver.

9. Remember to use Keywords for SEO. Put a Keyword in your title and remember to check any links in your posts. Broken links make it harder for a search engine to index you.

10. Social Media is not for the hard sell. Leave that job to your sales people. Social Media is way for your business to be part of a community in a useful way by being social and sharing knowledge.

Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . SEO Optimization Tips for a WordPress Blog

Everyone wants SEO optimization of course but how do you get your blog to be noticed by Google’s little spiders ?  Google isn’t the only search engine out there to optimize for but it is the most used. There are a few things to know about SEO and Google.

 – When someone starts a search, they type in a few key words.  Google then checks its index and displays the first 10 sites with that topic.  

 – Google is constantly changing its algorithms so you can’t figure out how the spiders decide what to index but there are a few things that can help you with your SEO optimization with Google.

 – Spiders like to crawl so make sure your site doesn’t have any broken links which will make it more difficult to index.  Check your links on a regular basis to make sure your links are working correctly.  Things happen and links that may have worked at one time could need an update.

 – Your site title should have Keywords in it that relate to what you are trying to do.  A Keyword is a word that could make a match in the Google Search Engine database and make your chances to come up higher in a search greater.

 – Spelling and grammar need to be correct and free of typos.  Before you publish, check, re-check and then check again before you hit that button.  It may take a little more time but it could help your SEO if you correct an error before it hits the internet.

 – Google looks for pages that are helpful and interesting.  They do this by recording how long a visitor stays on your page and how many pages of the site they actually visit and if they share your content on other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

 – Be specific when writing your post.  The more you can narrow down what you are trying to write about the easier it will be to optimize.  For example, if you are selling baby clothes and you want your website to come up in a Google search, that is a very broad search term and your chances of coming up in the search will be next to impossible unless you are a known name brand.  Try narrowing it down from ‘baby clothes’ to ‘the Designer name, size 7 pink dresses.  This will help you come up higher in searches  using Keywords.

Mastering SEO is a way you can help your business site attract more of the customer base you need in order to succeed!  Don’t forget your Google analytics.  Check out your stats to see what is working for you.  It’s free, all you need to do is activate a Google account to get your Google stats.  

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Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . How to Use Facebook for your Business




Use Facebook to engage your customer base and build new relationships for your business.  Start by having a Facebook page for your business.  Create a custom URL when you set up your page.  Make sure you show this information on your business cards and other business related printed materials.

My neighbor asked me “What am I supposed to put on a Facebook for my business?” Good question for those of us who didn’t grow up using Facebook.  The most complicated our business marketing got was ‘What color do we put on our sign our front?” Just kidding, but seriously where do you start with your business Facebook Page? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Build your audience by Sharing your Page.  Tell a story with your Facebook Page that is unique to your business and encourage others to share it.  Post timely and current content as relatable to your field of business.  Getting ‘Likes” for your Page will boost your engagement with others who may share what you have post and will be seen in their News Feed.

Be consistent in your message and try different ways to express your message.  Facebook is a visual social media platform so vary posts with  photos, videos and other useful links.  If you have a post that is getting a lot of engagement, promote that post so that friends of your followers will see the post in their News Feed.

Repeat any success you have had by following the same format again.  You can also target audiences with Facebook Ads.  Go to the Admin Page to create your Facebook Ad and use the Create Tool to guide you through the process.  Facebook Ads are not free like your Page but if you have enough of a following, it can be far reaching to an audience that might not otherwise see your site.

Promote your page by adding your business contact list or LinkedIn connection list and let people know about your business and what they might expect to find in terms of useful information if they visit your Facebook Page.

Use Page Insights to keep track of who is engaged with your Page.  Look at the analytics and understand if you are attracting the audience you want.  Are you attracting the right age bracket ?  Are you a local business and are attracting from the local area or are you limitless in area and want worldwide attention to your product or service ?

Always have a business goal in mind when developing your Facebook Page.  This will help you navigate the world of content and help narrow down your choices to post.  Recognize when you need to change tactics and always be truthful to what you are trying to accomplish.  Remember to tell your business story so people can relate to what you are trying to do.  Make your post helpful and hopefully interesting and success will follow !

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Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . How to Increase Blog Traffic




I can’t tell you how many times a day someone will say “Just start a blog”.  Sure, it’s that easy.  That would be nice if it was true.  Having a blog is a constant growing thing that must be tended to like your garden.  You can’t just let things go and have the weeds take over. There are many things you can do to grow your blog and keep your blog traffic increasing as you go along.  Engaging content is always what you strive for.

It’s great to be able to write fantastic posts every time but in case you don’t, here are just a few tips to consider – 

1.  Ask a question in your post.  Try to have a call to action for people to respond to.

2. Link an article to another blog and leave your comments on that blog. Always check the link to make sure it works.

3. Blog about important information that will be helpful to readers or new news in your business area people might want to know about.

4. Include keywords that search engines will pick up and use trending topics to reference in your posts.

5. Try to aim for one longer article each week. It takes about 1500 characters for SEO optimization.  So take some time to develop one awesome post a week.

6. Make sure your post gets promoted to your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and any other social media platform you use.  Always check on it to make sure it actually went through.  Let your network know about the post to help co-promote it.

7. Networking – spend a set amount of time each day networking.  This means read other blogs, comment on them, share the blogs you like with your Facebook.  Tweet out good posts on your twitter.  You can look up bloggers you like and connect with them on Twitter or Facebook.  They will appreciate  you did that and you may gain a follower for  social media accounts that you have.

8. Check your stats out.  See what has worked for you in the past and what hasn’t.  You can’t know what is really working without keeping an eye on your stats.

9. Be true to yourself and write only about things you believe in and like.  Don’t  force yourself to write a blog about hair and makeup because you think you will make easy money.  You need to be interested in what you are blogging about.

10.  Show a personal side to your blog.  Don’t have it be all about business.  That’s for your website to do.  The blog is where you can show the personality behind the business and help people as it may pertain to what you do professionally.

Tend to your blog like a garden, some days you must weed, some days you must feed it but above all else, enjoy it !

Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . Using Trending Topics




You have heard the term Trending Topics before.  To be successful with your social media you should be aware of the day’s trending topics in your field.  Three sources for these are Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter is easy to see the trending topics.  Twitter runs a topic feed on left hand side of the page.  Twitter trends can change rapidly and make it hard to follow what’s really trending.  Follow the current news or major events happening and see where the Twitter conversation is before you decide it’s a trend.  Twitter trends show what is being talked about not what  the most popular things people are searching for so be aware of that difference.

Google+ has a What’s Hot section for trends on Google+.  The difference with Google+ is you have to search for a trend first and then Google+ will show the posts that are getting the most shares and comments.  This is nice because you can search for a topic you think may be relevant to your marketing strategy and find out what’s trending with that topic.

Trending Topics are important to your social media marketing plan.  In order to be successful in social media, you should be aware of what is trending in your industry and in life in general.  What’s hot today may not be tomorrow so stay on top with these 3 resources and you will be glad you did. 

Check out for more information on social media topics !

Use Tumblr for Your Business . . Successful Social Media Tip of the Day

Tumblr is another Social Media platform you can use to promote your business and it’s Free ! of course.   If you are already familiar with Twitter and Facebook, Tumblr has  similarities.  To start off, customize your Tumblr blog  using the following features:

Theme – you can use a pre made theme or create your own theme using HTML code.

Appearance – use this to change your background and header image.  Your tagline is also in Appearance.

Pages – create your custom Pages, start with an About page.  You can add or delete web pages.

Info – This is where you give your Blog a title, select an avatar and change your URL.

Services – use this to link your Tumblr blog to other social media sites you have such as Twitter or Facebook.

When publishing to your blog, keep your theme on point. Decide what your message is going to be and add revenant tags to your posts.  This will make it more likely visitors will find you if they are searching for certain information.  Interesting material is also helpful so followers will not get bored.  If you use outside sources always list them and if you are making the content yourself protect your blog from plagiarism by typing your URL of your blog in the ‘Source’ box.

Just like other Social Media Platforms, Tumblr thrives on followers, rebloging and Likes.  Pay attention to who is following you and follow back if you like their style.  The more bloggers that have similar interests that you follow, the chances of increasing your following !

Rebloging and Likes are another way to draw attention to your blog.  Be true to yourself though and don’t like everything you see.

When using any Social Media Platform you are trying to portray a sense of yourself to others.  Craft your message so you do not easily get off track and have fun blogging.

You can also get a little creative and show your talents on Tumblr.  It’s a great outlet for artists of all kinds.

Anaylize your followers to get a sense of who you are or aren’t attracting.  Are you promoting the your message clearly and developing the type of followers you want to have?  If you are a Tattoo Artist and you blog about cooking, that might not get people in the tattoo community to notice you.  Instead, keep your blog about all things tattoo with photos, videos, audio chats.  Give visitors Links they can follow which will link back to you creating more exposure for you on the Web.

So get blogging on Tumblr and use this Free Social Media Platform to give your business another resource people can reach out to you on.  Happy Blogging !


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