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Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . Tuesday, How to Use Pinterest with your Blog

Blue Road

Blue Road


The Pinterest social network is far reaching.  More than you may know.  Make sure to have a Pin social share button on your Blog.  You can add this by going to Settings and Sharing page.  If you have the Pin share button, make sure you Pin your content from your Blog.  By using the Pin It Button, every single one of your pins will include a Link back to the source.  This means that Pinners can encounter your content and link back to visit your Webpage or Blog with just one click.  Keep your Pinterest boards on topic and try to follow a theme.  Follow boards of users that you would want to follow you back.  Using Pinterest can help establish your brand.  Try to remember your target audience and come up with content that will be helpful and may offer solutions to your audiences problem.  Content is about starting conversations not just campaign marketing.  Depending on your product or service, color boards are often interesting and fun to follow.  The average Pinterest visitor that will look at a board may browse up to about 200 to 300 Pins.  After that interest level goes down. A board with 10,000 Pin may be impressive at first but when visitors start to browse through your Pins chances are they will be onto something else by Pin number 250.  Break the board up into categories and create several boards not just one big one.  Use Pinterest to your advantage and Happy Pinning !

Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . .Friday, What’s important for SEO



Searching the deep SEO sea

Searching the deep SEO sea

Do you consider ranking when posting to a blog? Content creation that gets noticed by search engine’s spiders is key to success of ranking.  When writing a blog post think about the target audience using key words for that audience.  The search engine spiders also look for key words or phrases.  Exact matches with key words for the question people are searching for will appear in search engines even if it is from a blog and not a website.  Consider your in-bound and out-bound link activity.  When a link is shared in social media, such as Google+, the content can be indexed by the search engine faster. Keep your social media accounts active and have quality content that is hopefully shared on a regular basis is key for SEO.  Monitor  ranking numbers and know what Key Words are working for your site.  Search engines also look at your past history, your social media platforms and the sites you have visited.  Make sure to include relevant links to sources you have used to create your content.  Keep in mind your target audience when creating content. Try to be engaging using visual language that will either  help solve a problem, answer questions or  provides some value to your target audience.   This will increase the chances of your link being shared and will boost your SEO.  Happy SEO and it’s finally Friday !!  Check out for more on the subject. 

Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . Tuesday, Get Your Share Buttons on Blog

Sharing is good right ?  Make sure you have all the share buttons you want on your blog in the format you like.  The share buttons will allow your viewers to share your valuable content with their social media network.  To add share buttons to your WordPress blog, go to the blog Dashboard.  Under settings, select sharing.  The Sharing Settings page will appear.  The first section is for you to connect your blog to your social media sites such as Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.  After you make sure your blog is connected to your social media sites, go further down the share page to Sharing Buttons.  Click and drag the share buttons you wish to enable.  Below this section, you can change the format of the share buttons to words only or words and icons or just the share icon.  Customize the share buttons to suit your blog’s style.  Happy Sharing !

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