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Farewell To Flash: What It Means For Digital Video Publishers

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

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It’s been more than five years since Steve Jobs wrote his infamous “Thoughts on Flash letter citing the high level of energy consumption, lack of performance on mobile and poor security as the reasons his company’s products would not support Adobe Flash technology. Finally, it appears we’re getting closer to the curtain closing on Flash.

Not too long ago, Flash powered a high percentage of the Internet’s vast array of video content. Today, that number is lower. But make no mistake, there are still many Flash-powered multimedia items on the web, including graphics, videos, games and animations, like GIFs, a preferred method of expression for millennials and adults alike.

We’ve been watching HTML5 impede on Flash for a while, and it’s now taking center stage, establishing itself as a predominant creative format, validated by the recent moves by Google and Mozilla that are only helping to…

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Crowdfunding Top 10 Tips . . . Successful Social Media Tip of the Day

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Starting a new venture or trying to raise cash for a good cause?  Crowdfunding could be your answer.   Although crowd funding is not a new concept, the age of digital communications have made it a household word.

According to Wikipedia, Crowdfunding has grown to over $5 billion worldwide. In a crowd funding situation,  your idea/project needs a group to support it and a platform to put the two together.  Here is where your social media comes in –

10 Top Tips (read on) –

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