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You have a business and have started a blog or maybe have a blog page on your business website.  You are not sure what to do now but you are interested in using Social Media to help market your brand or service.

The first thing you need to do is link all your social media accounts to your blog.  In WordPress, the feature is called Publicize.  This is listed under the Publish menu.  Click on Publicize to add and delete the sites you want your content linked to.

The benefit of linking social media sites is it can help you develop a large following.  Let’s look at Facebook first. If you already have a personal Facebook account, add your blog links to your account so friends can visit your website or blog. This will give them an opportunity to share with their friends who might share again and so on.  This can give your business a following fast.

Tumblr is another good source to share content on.  Tumblr actually allows you to use Tags on keywords so people searching will find your content if you have the right keywords. Remember, every time someone reflags your post, a whole new audience is getting a chance to see your content and reblog it again !

Millions use Twitter everyday to look for anything and everything.  When using Twitter, make sure you use a hashtag in the tweet.  Hashtags are what people use to search for content.  Also, try to talk about topics which are currently trending.  Let’s say you have a retail flower shop, you wouldn’t want to talk about summer gardening tips in December.  Instead post content on holiday decorating ideas or how to winterize outdoor plantings.

Pinterest is another great way to show your personal side to your business and show your products at the same time. Create boards with interesting titles, have some fun boards as well. Pinterest is a totally visual social media experience so make it count.  If you sell pool supplies, have a board with exotic waterways and eye catching waterfalls. You can intersperse your product in between your beautiful visuals that people will hopefully Pin to their boards.  Any Pin you make, your name and  ID will be attached to it so when people re-Pin it, your name gets floater with it!

Other ways to attract a following in social media is to follow through on your followers.  What does that mean?  Take note of who has followed you on all your social media platforms, not just Twitter and see if they have relevance to what you are trying to do. Interact with them by following back, sharing or liking their content.

Quick Tip – If you have someone follow you on Twitter, check to see if they are on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr or LinkedIn or any other social media sites you have.  This will help you build your audience in all of your social media platforms at the same time.

Get involved with your Analytics.  The data doesn’t lie. If you wrote content that got the most shared responses you may want to follow up with another post along the same content idea.

Makes sure to follow other blogs so you can share links.  Finding popular blogs and following them could lead to a link to you being shared and having that blog population give you the broad exposure you are looking for.

Last but certainly not least, Don’t give up! Don’t ever give up!  You need to keep posting content, fine tune your message and keep your social media platforms relevant.  Keep reading your Stats to know when you are reaching people and when you are not.  This will help you become successful at marketing your business using Social Media !

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Do you use Social Media to promote your business?  

Most social media platforms are free and easy to learn how to use.   Twitter is one of the most easy to learn how to use.  

Here are few tips about Twitter.

When you sign up for Twitter you will need to follow other Twitter profiles to help build your account.  Look for influencers in your line of business.  Check out their tweets and see if it something you are interested in or you agree with their point of view.  In order to have a successful business Twitter account, you want to follow other Twitter viewers that have relevance to you.

Keep track of your followers and follow them back.  You don’t have to follow everyone back.  In general I follow back people that have tweets that I myself would tweet about.  For the most part if you get followers you rather not have, chances are if you do not interact with them, they will eventually get disinterested in you and stop following your account.

Use hashtags to find out what people are interested in.  For example, if you sell exercise equipment, search a hashtag for #exercise trends to find out what others are looking for.  Hashtag your tweets as well.  This will make you easier to find on Twitter.

Be to the point with your Tweets.  You only have 140 characters per tweet so make every one of them count. If you are including a link to your website, use a shortening site to save on characters. is a popular tool that can do this.

Make sure you fill out your profile completely.  Use a good photo that has relevance to your brand.  You can pick a photo that you use for your website or other social media accounts. Be sure to add a background.  You can choose backgrounds from Twitter or download your own image.  To choose a background go to the gear in the upper right hand corner. Click on it and under settings you will find backgrounds.  Either choose one of Twitter’s pre-made backgrounds or go to the use existing image and down load your photo.  Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and save.

If you are selling a product, use visuals in your tweets.  Social media is a visual media and tweets with pics get noticed more easily.  Try not to be all about just business on your account.  Have some fun tweets or useful tips that relate to your business.  For example, if you are in the fitness business, tweet about a new hot exercise trend or useful tips for seasonal variations for your exercise routine. Show photos of your products being used at a road race or sporting event.

The best way to thank a follower is retweet or favorite one of their tweets.  I learned early on from a nice soul that DMs (Direct Messages) to thank someone for a follow can be risky. Many folks do not like getting those because the DM could be coming from an unverified account with malicious links.  I think Twitter and web browsers have been working on this problem and it is much better now but retweeting someone or  favoriting their tweet will give their content more exposure which is really the object of social media. Get your message out there for the whole world to see!

So, if you do not use Twitter now, sign up at and start your account.  Follow these few simple ideas to get you started and get to tweeting my friend.

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 Google is the most widely used Search Engine in web searches.  So knowing a little more about Google can’t hurt, right?  Did you know Google uses over 200 factors to index pages and content ?  I’m not sure what all the 200 factors are but some important ones to be aware of when thinking about SEO for your business website are:

1. the site quality       2. the freshness of the content        3.  is the site safe to search

Here are 10 random Google things you might want to investigate further if they suit what you are trying to do with Google:

1. Google indexes content by following links from one page to another page, then sorts by their content by the “200 other factors”.  That’s why it’s important to have good links.

2. Did you know you can unsend emails with Google?  Goto your Google account and under the gear, select Settings, then select Labs, scroll down to UndoSend and select ‘Enable’.  Now every time you send an email, Google will give you the option in a TEN SECOND window to undo the sent link. But remember, it’s TEN seconds, so think fast.

3. Did you know you can see all of a documents revisions at once by using Google drive?  Goto your account, click Create, select Document and click on File, then select Revision History to see all the revisions made to your document.  Click on a time stamp to restore a particular version of the document.

4. You can collaborate and edit a project with others at the same time using  Goto your account and click Create. Select Presentation, Share and Invite People.  Add your team members email addresses in the Invite People Box and click Share & Save and multiple people can work on the project at the same time!

5. Do you want to see what pages Google has indexed under your website ? Go to the Google web browser and type in

:< your site name> and Google will display what it has indexed.  Nice tip from Ian Cleary at Razor social !

6.  Always add descriptive Meta Tags to your pages so Google can use your site description if your text matches users searches.

7. Make sure your page titles are short and informative.  Google only uses up to a certain number of characters so your title will get cut off if it is too long.

8.  When adding Meta Tags remember Google might use snippets from your Meta Tags.  A snippet is text displayed beneath the title of corresponding web page in the search result pages of a search engine.

9. Improve the search engine’s accessibility to your site by avoiding complex navigation of links by linking every page to every other page on the site.  Also avoid page navigation which solely uses drop down menus, images or animation.

10. Use Google AdWords’s Keyword Tool to help you use variations of keywords for compelling content.

You may know every one of these things about Google already but if you didn’t and if you have a Google snippet, please do share !  Feel free to share or like this post if you found it useful !



If you have YouTube videos on your channel and you want to post them to your Blog, the IFTTT tool is a quick and easy Free Web tool you can use to do this.  Allows for an automatic post from any uploaded YouTube video to your WordPress blog site. IFTTT stands for “IF This happens, Then do That”.  IFTTT makes a recipe from a few easy steps and your connects your video so it will be viewable on your blog.

Here are a few things to know first:

Start by making an account with IFTTT.  It’s free, just go to the IFTTT website and create a user name and password and sign up through an email account. Confirm your account in your email and you are all set to use this tool.

Next, log onto your blog and create a new blog post. Then go back to IFTTT and click on ‘Create a Recipe’. You will see many various channels to choose from.  Scroll down until you see YouTube and select it.

Click the large blue Activate button which will allow IFTTT to access your YouTube account.

Next choose your Trigger.  IFTTT will give you choices of Triggers.  Choose the one that closest fits the description of what you are trying to do.  For example, in this instance we would click ‘upload new video’.  Then choose a field for your trigger and click the ‘Create Trigger’.

You are now onto the “That” part of your receipe.  IFTTT will ask you to choose an animation.  Scroll down the list until you come to WordPress.  You must now activate the channel by clicking on the ‘Activate’ button and inserting your site URL and password.

IFTTT will now show you all the actions you can do. Choose ‘Create Post’.

Insert your post title and choose the ingredients for the description from your YouTube channel to add to post.

Choose how you want this saved – Draft or Publish Immediately. Next click the ‘Create Action’ button to continue.

IFTTT will display the full recipe.  Save it by clicking ‘Create Recipe’.

Now your videos will automatically post to your WordPress blog.

One thing you need to aware of is IFTTT shorten’s URL automatically which means WordPress will not recognize the URL and will not be able to embed it.  This is easily fixed.

To disable the URL shortener, click on your user name in IFTTT and at the top right corner of the IFTTT dash, click on Preferences and scroll down to the URL shortening section, click on disable.

Check out this Free Web Tool IFTTT  at

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 Would you like to have a News Feed added to your WordPress blog?   Clifton Hatfield explains how in this simple 3 minute YouTube Video.

But first, how do you embed a YouTube video into your blog post? It’s simple.  Go to the YouTube video you wish to embed.  Next follow these steps:

1. Click on Share

2. Embed will now show up, click on embed

3. Highlight the text in the URL box that appears

4. Copy the text

5. Create a blank post in your WordPress blog

6. Paste the text and add a post title and description and your video should be embedded

7.  Be sure to Save Draft and view your post before you Publish it ! 


Do you who Eli the Computer Guy is ?  That’s ok if you don’t.  He has a YouTube Tech Blog with tons of awesome information.  Here is his recent YouTube video on .  This is a very cool app that you can use with all your mobile devices and how they interact to save you time.

Click on the link  to view his YouTube video.  I wanted to embed the video in the post so you don’t have to click on the link but I think this will be my next blog post – How to embed videos on your blog !!

Happy Blogging !





How can you use Facebook to your advantage for your business?

Facebook has valuable features which you can utilize in your social media business strategy.  Here are just a few ways Facebook can help you publicize your business.

Have you thought about using Facebook’s Ad Campaign feature ?  Facebook will help you create your ad, let you determine the demographics and you can set your own budget.  When using this feature Facebook will first ask you what you want to achieve.  Choose from the following  goals:

- Page Post Engagement

- Page Likes

- Clicks to Website

- App Installs

- App Engagement

- Offer Claims

Next you can enter your Ad message in the text box and upload up to 6 pictures for free.

Demographics are next, you can make the following choices:

- Age

- Gender

- Languages

- Interests

- Behaviors

- Connections

Facebook will then take you through setting your budget with as little as $1.00 a day, you set the time period for how long you want to run your campaign and next fill in your payment information.

That’s it, you now have a Ad Campaign running on Facebook.  Now how do you manage it?  Facebook can help you with this.  They will measure the effectiveness of your campaign and give you a history report on your goals.

There are other Free ways you can use Facebook.  Have you ever thought about featuring another page on your page? Your page can like other pages and you may feature them.  This is a  unique feature which can help local business support other local business with far reaching results and it’s Free!

To feature another’s page, go to the Page you wish to feature and click Like.

Go to your page and click Settings at top.

Click Featured in left column.

Choose Pages you would like to feature and click save.

It’s that simple!

Liking other local business pages is also a great way to connect to your local business community on-line in Social Media.

The great thing about Social Media is that it can be local or global and it is a free source of connecting your business to the community and the world. As long as you use it wisely and not spam people or hard sell your product, you will find providing useful content will engage your viewers and your business will move into the new reality of how successful businesses  reach their consumers.

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what you need in order to make your Posts stand out to search engines like Google.  Almost 70% of all searches are done through Google advises social media site Razor Social.  You need to optimize your content so that the Search Engine spiders can find your blog on this vast internet.

One of the most important SEO practice is to make sure your content is linkable.  If it is the best advice or most complete information out there on a particular topic, if it’s not linkable, it’s sinkable. Search Engines will not rank the content if it is cannot be linked and your site will not get the traffic it could be getting.  If possible, try to link your content back to your category page and your homepage.

Make sure all your content can be shared !  Have all the social share buttons you can add, like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Google + to name a few must haves.

For good SEO have a URL that reflects the content in the title.  If you are selling a product, and post helpful content using that product have some name recognition in the title. For example, your store sells Fly fishing equipment, a good URL might be – Fake URL).  Try not to  use a bunch of numbers or abrivated words in your title.  The more the reader can understand, the better your chance your post will be viewed.

Do you always Tag your posts ?  This is another important ways to make your content stand out.  Using the previous example, you may want to Tag that post with Fly fishing, outdoor sports, fishing, fresh water fishing, water sports, sport fishing.  Make sure your terms are broad enough so when a search is done, you will come up in the search parameters.  If your product is so unique and rare then you can narrow the search Tags.  Tags are usually an option near the end of your post before you publish and will be viewable to the public at the end of your post.

Try not to load up your page with too many images.  If you do have images, make sure they are in a form that is most optimal for the platform you are using.  If your site or post takes too long to load, viewers will loose interest fast and go onto another site for their information.

Use Keywords in your post title and through out your post but do not litter it with Keywords.  This will turn the search engines off and most likely you will loose content ranking for the post.

Finally for this Tip of the Day, is your content useful?  Does it fill a need ? Is it a subject people are interested in?  The best content solves problems or helps the consumer in some way.

Not to change the subject, but I can’t believe the World Cup is over until another 4 years ! Congrats to Germany and to all the teams ! It was an exciting couple of weeks watching all these countries compete.

Germany's Bastian Schweinsteiger celebrates with the trophy after the World Cup final soccer match between Germany and Argentina at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sunday, July 13, 2014. Germany won the match 1-0.   (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

Remember your SEO when you write to successfully have your material shared on Social Media !

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World Cup final smashes Twitter record as Germany lift the trophy with victory over Argentina


Social Media made the world become involved in the World Cup 2014!

Originally posted on Metro:

Germany's Bastian Schweinsteiger celebrates with the trophy after the World Cup final soccer match between Germany and Argentina at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sunday, July 13, 2014. Germany won the match 1-0.   (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

Germany beat Argentina in extra time to lift the World Cup trophy (Picture: AP)

Germany’s World Cup final victory over Argentina became the biggest event in Twitter history, smashing the tweets-per-minute record, as it captivated fans around the world.

Mario Gotze’s extra-time winner helped generate 32.1m tweets, as German players rushed to the social networking site to post pictures of live celebrations after the final whistle at the Maracana.

Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel got in on the action, posing for selfies with Sami Khedira and Lukas Podolski.

The game saw a staggering 618,725 TPM as Germany were crowned 2014 champions, smashing the previous record set during Joachim Low’s side’s 7-1 semi-final victory over hosts Brazil.

Here are some of the highlights.

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