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Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . How to Protect Your Blog Work Using Creative Commons

Do you publish artwork or photography on your blog ?  Have you wondered how you can protect your work and still allow others to share it on social media? Here is one way you can do that.

Using Creative Commons to protect your work is a free and easy way to allow sharing with different types of licenses available to use depending on your needs. So what it Creative Commons ?


Creative Commons is a free nonprofit organization that through their free legal tools allows sharing of your work with adding conditions that you can customize the way someone can share your material.  In addition to being able to protect your work, you can also search for almost endless materials that are protected by Creative Commons to use in your music re-mix or videos to add to your blog posts.

Creative Common doesn’t replace copyrighting but it is a tool which provides guidelines for sharing your work on line and to make sure if your work is shared, it will be attributed to you.

Creative Common allows you to define how your work can be used.  For example, you could specify that your work can only be used in non-commercial use.

In order to access their free tools, click on this link  Creative Commons  and click on their drop down Licenses menu.  This will tell all about the different types of licenses their can offer.   After you choose the license that suits your needs the best, be sure to fill out the Help others attribute you ! form.  This form provides valuable information about you and can allow Creative Commons to add a metadata to the HTMLI.

Next, copy the code for your webpage.  Select the size icon you wish to display on your page and paste the code on your website or blog.

Try this tool out and let us know if you found it useful or not !  Please feel free to share or like this post if you found it useful !


Successful Social Media Tip of the Day . . . How to use Twitter Hashtags


So what is all this talk about Twitter hashtags?  You hear it on TV all the time, “follow us on Twitter at #(hashtag)news.  If you are new to Twitter and want to learn more about why you should be using hashtags then read on.

Hashtags can be a powerful force on Twitter.  They enable you to reach many that would normally not see you.  You can gain new followers by using hashtags.  You should put at least one hashtag in a tweet.  

Let’s talk about hashtags.

The hashtag symbol is usually above the number 3 on your keyboard and looks like this #. This little # is used to categorize tweets.  You mark keywords of your tweet by placing the # directly in front of a word, like this  – #world cup.

Hashtags enable people to find information on specific topics.  So someone looking for information on this year’s World Cup Soccer can use the hashtag symbol to find tweets about World Cup Soccer.  How do they do this ? On your Twitter account at the top menu line you see # discover.  Click on this to use the # symbol to look up information.

Hashtags can also allow you to participate in Twitter discussions of interest to you.  This is a way to find like minded folks to share your views with.

Tweets that have # receive far more engagement on Twitter because they are easier for people to find.  Use your hashtags wisely though.

Don’t load up your entire tweet with hashtags as can be annoying to folks who click on your tweet only to find it’s not relevant to what they wanted to see.

Be sure to place the # in front of your keyword or words, like this  – how #social#media can help your business.

Stats show that using 2 carefully placed has tags is an optimal number in a tweet.

So next time you tweet, be sure to include your hashtags and you should find your Twitter response rate increase !


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